Computer Security Panasonic Hit by Threat Actors, Suffers Data Breach

Panasonic Hit by Threat Actors, Suffers Data Breach

Panasonic Hit by Threat Actors, Suffers Data Breach Image

Japanese tech giant Panasonic confirmed a cyber attack and data breach that took place in mid-November 2021. The information was made public in a press release from Panasonic, made public late last week.

The company informed that the internal investigation conducted by Panasonic's own IT team showed that "some data on a file server" has been illegally accessed.

Naturally, the incident has already been reported to the respective authorities and the company has allegedly taken care of whatever specific hole the bad actors used to get inside the network.

External help in the form of a third-party security council has been brought on board as well, to further investigate the incident and "determine if the breach involved customers' personal information and/or sensitive information related to social infrastructure", according to the press release.

Reporting on the data breach, ZDNet spotted two separate Japanese-language news outlets that mentioned that the actual breach lasted months and stretched from late June to November 3. When contacted about more details by US outlet TechCrunch, Panasonic did confirm that the date November 11 mentioned in the press release was indeed the point in time when the breach was detected, not an isolated point in time when it took place.

One of the two Japanese-language news outlets covering the incident also mentioned that the servers that were breached allegedly stored information relating to Panasonic's business associates and the company's production and technology. The exact nature of the information accessed remains uncertain.

The other Japanese media called Mainichi related information from Panasonic that paints the incident in darker tones, with a Panasonic stating that the company "cannot deny the possibility of a serious incident". It remains to be seen whether any ransomware gang will publish a boast on its dark web page and take responsibility for the attack, assuming they obtained information that demonstrably belongs to Panasonic.