Clever Malware Replaces Web Browser with Dangerous 'eFast' Chrome Lookalike

efast browser fake google chromeComputer cybercrooks are always conjuring up new creative ways to foil unsuspecting computer users. Many times some of the most effective means of tricking computer users is through the use of a plagiarized application that mimics a well-known and trusted program, which has taken place recently with a web browser program that pretends to be the legitimate Google Chrome browser application.

Security researchers have uncovered a web browser called "eFast Browser" that poses as the Google Chrome browser. The misleading web browser utilizes the infrastructure of Google's Chromium open-source software, so it captures the overall look and feel of Google Chrome as to avoid suspicion from the average computer user.

Use of the eFast Browser is known to hijack URL associations, such as HTTP, HTTPS, and MAILTO. Additionally, eFast Browser will take over many common file associations to automatically load files with the extensions, JPG, PDF, GIF, and HTML. Fundamentally, opening any of those files on your computer through a simple double-click will initiate the eFast Browser and you are left to being feed a plethora of unwanted pop-ups and search advertisements.

Much like the recent flood of adware threats that has taken over the malware hemisphere, eFast Browser is suspected to be other means of cybercrooks gaining money through the advertisement clicks and impressions they receive through the deceptive eFast Browser. It is suspected that eFast will collect web browser history and other identifiable information to return ads that may be related to what computer users commonly view while surfing the internet.

There is no clear information on if eFast has a privacy policy, while its parent company, Clara Labs, does have one linked on their home page. Surprisingly enough, loading the Clara Labs home page warrants a Malware warning if done in Google Chrome, making us believe that Google is well aware of eFast and it scrupulous activities of mocking the Chrome browser.

eFast Browser is known to be installed as an add-on or bundled component of freeware programs downloaded from the internet. Researchers identify several types of freeware or bundled software applications being the culprits spreading eFast.

Probably the most discerning parts of eFast Browser is that many computer users who have it installed on their system do not realize that it is a fake browser that mimics Google Chrome. In such a circumstance, affected computer users will continually use eFast and suffer the consequences of being bombarded with several pop-ups ads and potentially unwanted site redirects, which could eventually lead to the download of additional malware.