Donald Trump's Campaign Website Targeted by New World Hacking Group Waging DDoS Attacks

donald trump campaign site ddos attackedDonald Trump appears to be the current frontrunner in the GOP portion of the presidential race according to his online poll numbers. Surrounding Trump's popularity and many statements that have caused discernment for many, the presidential candidate has garnered much attention. A hacker group, dubbed as New World Hacking, is targeting Trump's campaign website with DDoS attacks mostly due to his alleged racist speech.

Hacker groups are known for taking actions against entities that they vehemently disagree with on policies or actions. Case in point, Donald Trump has stirred his fair share of controversy and the hacker group New World Hacking is not too happy about some of this alleged racist rhetoric lately during the presidential campaign.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are commonly used to take down a website server. In a DDoS attack, a hacker will flood a server with so much automated traffic that the server is unable to find enough resources to load the site and is forced to either crash or stop functioning. DDoS attacks remain to be one of the most utilized methods to take down sites from a remote source.

The official campaign website for Donald Trump,, has had an onslaught of attacks resulting in the site going down for several hours on January 2, 2016. After the attack and the site coming back up, the DDoS attacks continued but targeted the site's webmail service,

Currently, no official statement has come out of the Trump camp about the incident other than a Twitter message from the site's operator relating the issue to some "unusually high volume of traffic."

New World Hacking has come out to clearly state their reasons for attacking the Trump campaign website, which was due to Trump's supposed racist attitude. Additionally, the hacker group has attacked other entities, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, which the group claims was a mistake, and they called it a misunderstanding as they posted on a Twitter post recently.

Coincidently, the New World Hacking group has close ties with the famous Anonymous group, who is also known for waging malicious activities towards groups or entities they do not agree with on certain terms or political issues. In fact, New World Hacking has been active and many of Anonymous' campaigns, such as the recent exploitation and attack on ISIS' online presence and Ku Klux Klan website operations.

New World Hackers took to Twitter to explain that they took both the Donald Trump campaign site and down at the same time. Additionally, the hacker group Tweeted that they have the servers down for more than 5 hours. Most often, hacker groups such as New World Hackers, want to make their actions well-known, which is why they will continue to make such posts to Twitter notifying the world of their recent accomplishments in taking down a website.

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