SpyHunter Web Security is a tool that integrates with your web browser and is designed to increase your safety and security while browsing the web. By using SpyHunter’s Threat Assessment Criteria, SpyHunter Web Security helps to protect against potentially unsafe websites that may lead to malware, phishing, security exploits and scams by blocking potentially dangerous websites. SpyHunter Web Security is currently available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera and Firefox. SpyHunter Web Security blocks malware infections by identifying and blocking access to potentially harmful URLs. SpyHunter Web Security integrates with popular search engines (such as Google and Bing) to visually identify potentially unsafe links. Icons are displayed next to search results and the results are labeled as "safe", "potentially unsafe" or "uncategorized". The user has the option to disregard the label and visit the website.

To access the SpyHunter Web Security Settings, click the SpyHunter Web Security icon at the top-right corner of your browser.

You can customize the behavior of SpyHunter Web Security as follows: