Users can add websites to the SpyHunter Web Security Exclusions list to override SpyHunter Web Security’s blocking for specific websites allowed by the user. User-excluded websites will be visually identified by a yellow icon in search results (if search engine integration is enabled).

To access the SpyHunter Web Security Exclusions, click the SpyHunter Web Security icon at the top-right corner of your browser.

To manually exclude website domains, add the domain to the field labeled “Add a domain to exclusions” (1) and click the “+” (“plus” symbol) button (2).

To manually remove a domain that you have previously excluded, locate the website domain and click the “X” button (3) to the right of it.

To quickly locate a domain in Exclusions, enter the website domain into the “Search excluded domains…” field (4) at the top of the Exclusions section.

You can also click the "Reset Exclusions button (5) to remove all user-added exclusions.