From the SpyHunter Web Security Settings page, you can configure search engine integration options and also enable or disable SpyHunter Web Security.

The following functions are configurable in the Settings:

Enable SpyHunter Web Security

"Enable SpyHunter Web Security" is turned ON by default. Users can disable Web Security by switching OFF this setting. WARNING: If you disable SpyHunter Web Security, you will not be able to take advantage of its features such as protecting against phishing attacks while browsing online, and securing your personal information from hackers and malicious websites.

Website Blocking

By default, SpyHunter Web Security is configured to block websites that were reported as malicious or unsafe. WARNING: If you disable this option, SpyHunter Web Security will not be fully functional, and you will not have its preset automatic blocking protections against phishing scams, malware, malicious links and potentially unsafe websites before you access them.

Search Engine Integration

You may disable SpyHunter Web Security for individual search engines by unchecking their checkboxes in this section.