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MalwareCrush, MalwarePro, WinSpyKiller, more - SpyHunter Update v.7.43

By GoldSparrow in Database Updates

SpyHunter Spyware Definitions Update: v.7.43 (01/04/2008) SpyHunter Latest Program Update: v.3.2.0

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Newly Added Threat List

The following new parasites have been added to SpyHunter:


MalwareCrush is one of the newest rogue and misleading anti-spyware programs which is secretly distributed by malicious Trojans, via browser security vulnetabilities or via other deceptive mechanisms. MalwareCrush is created to generate false system error messages for a reason to lure you into paying the full version of MalwareCrush. It is... more


MalwarePro is a misleading anti-spyware application that issues fake computer scan results when you use it on your machine. MalwarePro is created to steal your money but does not actually scan and protect your system. It has been noticed that MalwarePro can't detect and remove spyware threats. Due to such compromising actions, MalwarePro... more


WinSpyKiller is a corrupt and misleading anti-spyware program. WinSpyKiller may be installed by a Trojan, through browser security exploits, or via other illegal delivery methods. Once executed, WinSpyKiller will issue false messages claiming that your computer is infected with spyware in its attempts to trick you to buy the full version of... more


DivoPlayer is a program that pretends to be a multimedia program designed to play certain multimedia files. DivoPlayer is created to stealthily download and install additional malware on your machine. DivoPlayer is enabled to import large amounts of unwanted adware programs that will disrupt your browsing experience. Additionally, adware... more


Worm.NetSky is a malicious worm that distributes itself as an email attachment. Once executed, Worm.NetSky will add itself to the Windows registry ensuring that it loads each time you turn on your computer. Worm.NetSky will scan your computer for email addresses and will email itself as an attachment to any email addresses found on your PC.... more


Immunizr is a clone of the popular rogue security application SpyShield. This fake security tool is part of a well-known computer scam, which involves convincing gullible computer users to purchase fake security programs. Immunizr has been known to infect computer systems located in Germany, displaying windows, error messages, fake security... more


AlfaAntivirus is a fake anti-spyware program and part of an elaborate rogueware family named . AlfaAntivirus was developed by scammers to trick and drive Internet users to purchase the supposed registered version of AlfaAntivirus. Also, Trojans are used to propagate rogue anti-spyware programs like AlfaAntivirus. If you attempt to fix the... more

Updated Threat List

The following parasite threats were updated:

Trojan.Looksky Zlob.Trojan Trojan.Adload Trojan.Obfus.Gen DioCleaner AntiSpywareSuite Zlob.VideoAccess PC MightyMax BraveSentry VirusRanger Trojan.FakeAlert VirusProtect IE Defender Trojan.Brave-A AdvancedCleaner Free Trojan.Tibs Trojan.Vundo SmitFraud Adware.Vapsup Trojan.Downloader Virtumonde PurityScan Adware.AdBand WebDir Starware Trojan.Rbot-BBQ DriveCleaner Backdoor.Agobot

Updated Cookie Threats

The following cookie threats were updated:

YouPorn Zlob.Codechard.Cookie Zlob.Codechot.Cookie Zlob.Codecmeg.Cookie Zlob.Codecmega.Cookie Zlob.Codecnice.Cookie Zlob.Flycodec.Cookie Zlob.Mymetavids.Cookie Zlob.Powermpeg.Cookie Zlob.Shockbabetv.Cookie