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Malware Security Alerts Weekly Report for March 6 - March 12, 2022

This week, the SpyHunter malware research team has highlighted a weekly roundup of common and critical malware threats that are currently affecting computers around the world. Take a look at this week's report and stay ahead of trending malware threats!

This Week in Malware Video

This episode discusses the following topics: How IIOF and OOII Ransomware threats encrypt data to extort money from victimized computer users, and how RedLine Stealer malware is stealing data from vulnerable computers.

Malware Security Alerts of the Week


ransomware attackVyia Ransomware
Vyia Ransomware is a threat that is a part of the vast STOP/Djvu threat family designed to seek out certain file types on an infected PC only to encrypt the files and demand a ransom to restore the files. Read more



Unlock Ransomware
Unlock Ransomware is designed to target specific files on an infected PC where the files are encrypted or locked. Upon encryption of the files, Unlock Ransomware will demand a ransom payment from the computer user to supposedly restore access to the files. Read more



GSpace Discover
GSpace Discover is a potentially unwanted program that is know for delivering intrusive and questionable advertisements. Upon use of the ads from GSpace Discover, computer users may be redirected to other sites with potentially misleading content. Read more



IIOF Ransomware
IIOF Ransomware is a threat that has spawned out of the STOP/Djvu threat family of ransomware. IIOF Ransomware is known for its aggressive actions of encrypting files on an infected PC and then demanding a ransom payment for restoring of those same files. Read more

This Week’s Most Interesting Computer Security and Malware News

  Chinese APT41 Breached US Government Networks Through USAHerds App
Researchers have found via a report that activity spawned by APT41, a cybercrime group, has resulted in Log4j attacks rooted out of a Chinese state backed group all by leveraging a USAHerds app. Read more
  Russian APT Groups Intensify Cyber Attacks on Ukraine
As the physical attacks continue within Ukraine by Russian figures, attack groups on the cyber from from Russian APTs have intensified resulting in cyberattacks on Ukraine. Read more