Announcements Malware Security Alerts Weekly Report for August 18 - 24,...

Malware Security Alerts Weekly Report for August 18 - 24, 2019

This week, the SpyHunter malware research team has highlighted a weekly roundup of common and critical malware threats that are currently affecting computers around the world. Take a look at this week's report and stay ahead of trending malware threats!

Malware Security Alerts of the Week

Nymaim Ransomware Screenshot

Nymaim Ransomware

While there is little to differentiate the Nymaim Ransomware from other ransomware families, this particular ransomware Trojan has attracted the attention of PC security researchers because the Nymaim Ransomware is part of the payload of Darkleech, a high profile malware campaign that has affected various important targets around the world. Read more

Ave Maria Screenshot

Ave Maria

Ave Maria is a piece of malware, which was uncovered by cybersecurity researchers rather recently. The Ave Maria malware would exploit a vulnerability in the Microsoft Office Service Pack called 2017-11882. Through this vulnerability, the attacker can remotely download and execute .exe files on the system that has been infiltrated. Read more

LookBack Screenshot


LookBack's activities were noticed between July 19 and July 25 2019 when spear phishing emails were found targeting three US utilities companies. The emails were attempting to claim they were a US-based engineering licensing board. The emails were coming from what seemed to be a domain controlled by the threat actors – nceess[dot]com. Read more

Vimditator Screenshot


A malware threat called Vimditator is spreading by a campaign that uses vulnerabilities and is targeting financial institutions in Italy, Chile, South Korea, India, Malawi and Pakistan by a hacker group. This group, TA505 was linked to attacks that used Shifu and Dridex banking Trojans and the Neutrino Exploit Kit and the infamous Locky Ransomware and seemed to be located in Russia. Read more

Worm.Runouce Screenshot


Worm.Runouce is a worm that may conduct aggressive actions to spread onto other systems that may be connected to the infected PC or through a connected drive. The dangerous of Worm.Runouce lurk when a computer user may unknowingly allow the threat to propagate and eventually conduct malicious actions, such as modifying Windows registry entries thus leading to poor system performance or crashes. Read more

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