California Mac Technician Arrested for Secretly Installing Webcam Peeping Software on Women's Computers

mac-laptop-webcam-spyware-women-showerA 20 year old California man, recently accused of using spyware to take photographs of naked women, was arrested this week after an investigation initiated over suspicious messages was reported by a Fullerton, CA resident's computer.

Not only are popular figures' infidelity scandals making news these days, but people who choose to commit lewd acts towards women behind a computer screen are gaining notoriety over their own actions.

Trevor Harwell, a 20-year-old Fullerton, CA resident, allegedly conducted a computer repair service on women's Mac laptop and secretly planted spyware designed to capture images via the Mac's webcam. The spyware program could be controlled remotely enabling Harwell to take photographs of the user. Harwell's deceitful tactic would even go as far as to display a message across the screen reading:

"You should fix your internal sensor soon" and "Try putting your laptop near hot steam for several minutes to clean the sensor."

It was obvious from this type of message that Harwell attempted to get the women to place their laptop near their shower so he would be able to capture pictures of them unclothed.

Allegedly, after capturing images of unclothed women, Harwell would store the photos on a remote server and later download them to his own. Harwell seemed to have a clear plan to collect as many nude photos as he could until his plan went south when a Fullerton resident notified authorities about suspicious messages, the on-screen notifications asking the user to put the laptop near steam to 'clean the sensor', on his daughter's computer.

Fullerton Police arrested Harwell today and confiscated hundreds of thousands of candid videos and images, usually of women undressing or changing clothes, from Harwell's computer.

This goes to show, not only are computer users faced with dangerous spyware over the Internet, but the person you may trust to 'fix' your computer could be installing their own spyware without you knowing about it. This is not the first time authorities busted someone for obtaining explicit images of women and it won't be the last.

Do you trust anyone to make repairs on your personal computer or laptop? Do you ever suspect anyone purposely installing spyware on your computer?

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