Computer Security Fake Windows Support Calls Seek to Scam and Infect...

Fake Windows Support Calls Seek to Scam and Infect Computer Users with Malware

fake microsoft support calls scamsFake phone calls from crooks on the other end claiming to be a support team from a well-known entity is an increasing pandemic, which has claimed an alarming rate of victims in the recent weeks.

There have been a large number of phone calls received by computer users in various countries from people who claim to be Microsoft technicians calling from a 'Support Team'. Most of these so-called techs often have poor English or fail to be specific about the purpose of their phone call. Most times, the crooks will generalize information and claim that they have detected some errors on a computer and have called as a response to these supposed notifications.

The goal of these crooks on the other end of phone calls claiming to be from a Microsoft Support Team is to establish a remote connection with a computer and later compromise personal information through the use of spyware and keylogger software. The main objective of these hackers will ultimately end up obtaining logins and passwords to online accounts where they could eventually steal the identity of the victim.

It was just a couple years ago that the Better Business Bureau was warning computer users of an aggressive Microsoft Phishing scam where victims were duped by calls from hackers who posed as a tech from a Microsoft Security Center. Unfortunately, these stories are in abundance and have only gotten worse. There have even been cases where fake call centers set up shop for hackers to trick computer users in abundant numbers.

The most recent rash of fake callers has claimed to be from Microsoft Support Team, sometimes even giving the victim a fake identification number just to further make claim to them being a trusted source. In some cases, the fake tech will ask that the PC user install software, so they are able to create a remote session to supposedly fix their computer. These unsolicited calls have proven to be very effective and preying on those who lack an abundant amount of technical-know-how when it comes to their home computer and the Internet.

Microsoft, among other trusted sources, have warned computer users recently of this scam and advised computer users to treat calls claiming to be from some technical support team with the utmost skepticism. If such a phone call is suspected in any way to be a fraud, you should hang up immediately. Additionally, it should be known that companies such as Microsoft would never make such unsolicited calls to anyone for the purpose of asking personal information and obtaining remote session access to one's computer. It is also highly suggestive that computer users always utilize legitimate security software to scan, detect and remove any malware that may be lurking on their system that may aid in a hacker's effort to make and succeed with an unsolicited phone call scam.


I have gotten at least three of these calls this year on my cell phone. Last year I actually fell for one of these calls on my home computer. I guess they have been stealing my information this entire time? Anyway, I got a call last night and I threatened to call the police if they called me again. Of course I know that the police have not caught up with these hackers nor do they have the manpower or know how to fight these guys. But, the man did dropped the call immediately.

Thanks for the heads up.

I just received a phone call from +32 59382042 claiming to be from Microsoft with a warning message. It's crealy scam as I asked the operator to give me his name. Please investigate.

1 917-336-0240 this is the number named New York that called me. I laughed at him and established it was a scam and hung up.

I have to admit I was caught by this. Told me he works against the hacking scams.
I was contacted by such an individual Some time back. He named himself Alex Hood, operating from and he gave me an I'D 294408542 with Password 1853. He gave me the following Web address as well with a reference number 5315107094430850. He sold me some program for R1852.91.
I stopped it through my banks fraud department, but obviously am very concerned about my PC security.
What can I do to protect myself against any future hacking?

I received one of these phone calls this morning. I asked for their phone number 857-999-0945. They asked if I was going to call back in an hour or two and I assured them I was, but I am not. So be careful out there. Don't fall for this scam.

1. What is being done, or what can we do to put an end to this legally, for example to have the people arrested? I called Microsoft and they said they would not do anything, and this seems weird as they could press charges against someone impersonating them!

2. Do malware and spyware detectors prevent these hackers from loading their programs, such as keylogges?

My son and I love to call back and act like we are doing what they say. Then every now and then I throw in a very inappropriate word or two then go back to talking. We have allot of fun messing with these people.

Just had a call from someone saying from "Windows". It was explained to me in very poor English that my computer is infected with malware and is about to crash! I told him to "carry on" which seemed to confuse him. He then said that I needed to turn the computer on, it was on. So I again said, "carry on". Silence. I then warned him that if he rang again I would call the police and that I was reporting this as a scam. Silence. Replaced the receiver.

just got such a phone call (from a center nr. +48 457 18 262) Microsoft USA Maria spoke with indian accent and she passed me to a senior called Bill who confirmed to call from Washington DC.
they wanted me to install something - I did hang up.

I am in New Zealand and have just received a phone call from an Indian woman saying she was from "Windows something" and that their records show I am at risk of being hacked.... I hung up.

I have had a phone call a week for the last three weeks saying my computer has been hacked and the Indian man can check my pc and any other computers in the house, however, I have the best software you can get to protect my electrical items from any such attack. What's more 90 percent of the time my computer is not even turned on, the latest threat "I am going to block your computer to protect you!" My reply " try it and you'll find out you are messing with the wrong person!" They swiftly hung up. Not sure what I could have done but it worked this time.

Thank you to all that share and help prevent the spread of this scam. My parents who have ZERO technical savvy were scammed by this ransomware scam and payed money and still were never able to use their computer again. I would love to have a counter-ransomware software that would infect their system with ransomware as I give them access to remote into mine! Anybody know how to do this? This is crazy! I get the same call 4 times a week. We need to go on the offensive on this scam and treat it as serious as it is. Just hanging up on these putrid people is not enough.

Sorry for the rant!

This happened to me yesterday... I feel so stupid I didn't hang up and believed them and they got quite far with controlling my computer. My baby boy started crying and I had to hang up at some point and my husband came home and immediately googled this and we saw it was a scam. I have uninstalled the program they installed and fixed my antivirus program too and have scanned for malware. I wanted to ask is my computer safe or do I need to take some other actions? The antivirus doesn't seem to find malware but I don't know... Please help!

This happened to us last night. The caller ID said Colorado Chiropractic, of all things, and we're in Michigan. My husband had had enough of them calling and answered to tell them to take us off their list. (We have sent our numbers to the DO NOT CALL list but some still get through.) It was a lady with Indian accent and connection was very bad, with echoes. Not very convincing for a technical company. She said she was from Windows and we had a hacking problem that had to be fixed right away. My new computer doesn't even HAVE Windows. Luckily I called my son, who told us it's a scam. I let my elderly mother know b/c some people who aren't tech savvy can really be fooled.

They got through to me, but I read up and saw your guys review thank you so much. If they ask you to give your credit card online to renew don't do it, they will say it needs to be done immediately but it dosent. Watch and see what they say when you will call them back not do as they say, they panic and try to keep you doing what they say they might even tell you people will do illegal stuff on your computer and get you arrested. If you are in the process as I was, stop your computer immediately, there should be a control switch in the back of your computer to cut the power off instantly so they can't save any progress. Hope this helped as much as everyone else's, good luck and stay safe people.

I just received a scam call im sure now after reading all these comments. They claimed to be from microsoft, did not use microsoft number, was 254-789-3256. They were very persistant called me back 3 times, so finally wouldnt answer them. Im sure most people would believe them as sounded so legititmate. Called our local police to report number also.

I got caught last night but they hacked my computer.claimed my computer was going to crash because I had 952 hackers using my program and they were the only ones that could fix. They started and told me it would cost 1000 dollars to fix. At that point I pulled the plug ND called all my financial institutions to be on the look out. Now I am receiving threatening phone calls.

I have monitored several calls from a number in Groesbeck , TX. They call at odd hours and leave no message. This morning they called at 7:30 a.m. which I'm not sure but I think is illegal for a telemarketer. They called several times a day for the past couple of weeks. If I knew who to report them to I would.

They did the same thing to my 16 year old daughter she didn't know they gained access to her computer then put in a code and said they won't remove it until she pays them1111

Tired of calls Reply

scammmer called from Debra Alexander 731-599-9480

Today I received a pop up that my computer has been inflected with virus and had to call 1-888-599-2475, immediately and tell them code and go to Microsoft icon + r and then type (I explore www something I forgot). Then let them remotely take over computer, but I asked who, what, or there website to look up on another comp threw BBB. But He gave began to speak n circles on web site, eventually gave me co called prosolutions w an A+ rating but was a roofing co. Therefore tried to tell me they own several co though this co. YA RIGHT. But all of a sudden he gained remote access so, took battery out of laptop, unplugged, and began to continue to let him get confused by going along but he had no power to Computer to finally he began to unravel his very inadequate professional demeanor, till he had spun himself into frenzy and literally said " oh we'll we have plenty of other's that have already went along that for me to go ahead and hang up. At least I made him so annoyed he just couldn't try anymore, LOL!!!!!!!

How do I get rid of these Indianese people tht have gotten the best of the computer users. I have told them that the party they are contacting is dead but they don't quit. They use so many different phone numbers and they will not take no for my answer. I was one of the persons taken me for over a thousand dollars and I read this article plus the AARP warning about these Indians. I have deleted their hardware but they are somehow causing my computer to freeze. They need to be stopped.

My brother just paid $300 to a company called StaplesPro LLC. They said he was hacked and they would protect him. I think it's a scam. Am I right?

I got a call from a guy with an Asian accent (Indian to be specific) that my computer security has been compromised. He said he was calling on behalf of Microsoft (Microsoft certified technician from Arizona). Being a software engineer and a financial analyst I was very skeptical. He wanted me to go to the front of my computer so as to resolve the problem (which I adamantly refused).
After asking him several questions he quickly realized that I was not an easy prey. He forwarded my call to his boss. His boss started reading the same script about how my computer security has been compromised and once again wanted me to go to the front of my computer to show me how. At this time, I was getting furious and I had to tell him to stop trying to scam innocent victim. I also let him know that there their phone number will be provided to the law enforcement agents. Here is the phone number 1-845-289-1029

Michael W. Gephart Reply

This morning, I received a phone call regarding my computer. I instantly recognized the
UK accent and hung up. This is a well-known scam. A few minutes later, the phone rang again. My caller ID showed the same phone number. I picked the phone up again and said hello.
There was a short pause. Then a recorded voice said "goodbye".
The phone number is: (208)766-2529. This number is said to be flagged as a telemarketer.

Received a call this morning saying my internet connection was being compromised and vital I'm formation like bank details and passwords would be retrieved. He wanted me to go to my computer to put in a license key password into firewall immediately I asked what company and where he was calling from he said he could not disclose his company name and somewhere in canada. He was indian Asian speaking and the phone number he gave was 805 308 0109.

Just received a call from very Indian sounding Adam who said over the past few weeks my computer has been hacked 90 times. He said he was with Microsoft support. The number he called from was 785-470-4782 Onerlin, KS. He wanted me to sit in front of my computer so he could guide me through the fixes. Interestingly the phone number he used is not one on my Microsoft account. Told him I wasn't interested and hung up. He is persistent. So far has called back twice. Blocking his number.

I got the call from 206-317-7361 telling that someone was trying to hack in on my windows PC. Problem is I own a MAC thank God. I asked him what his name was (Justin Timberlake). Wake up people; ask questions and call a friend.

I also received a phone call from a boiler room (you can hear others int he room). The woman claimed she was from MS Windows Support and that my email accounts had been hacked and people form Mexico were using them. She gave me a web address which would let them control my computer. She claimed they needed access to my lap top to clear out the infection. I almost gave them access. This is the address: I advise everyone to report if you get something like this.

I just received a similar type call from a phone number listed as a Houston number 832-909-0109. Same story that my computer has been hacked and they could help....Microsoft person, etc.

My husband got this yesterday (5/09/2017). He is not computer saavy and allowed them to access our computer. We have today notified our banks, credit card and credit monitoring services. What else should we do? Should we wipe our computer?

Received a phone call today stating they were from Microsoft. I told them this is a scam - don't call me back and hung up. A couple hours later I got another 0in and they yelled at me stating they were trying to help me, that I have the ransomware virus on my pc. They actually had my Microsoft license number which made me think they might be legitimate. But then they wanted me to go to a site that would allow them to remote in to my pc and I wouldn't do it. They tried to put the pressure on telling me that the virus will shut me pc down and then they won't be able to help me. They were very good

I received a call this morning from (947)502-3652 , a woman claiming that my computer was being hacked . I told her that I didn't believe her and hung up !

Just received a call for a man named "Paul" who said my computer was infected with a key logger and he was going to help me get rid of it for free. Being tech savvy, I knew it was a scam but played along. I trolled him for 10 mins before letting him know I had just trolled him and wished him a good day and hung up.

I accidentally clicked on a random ad and then my screen blew up with this number 888-534-2373 and my computer actually started talking and saying it would shut down if I didnt call. When I did, a man with an Indian accent picked up the phone and I recognized it as a similar situation as to what my grandparents had experienced earlier this week. My computer said it was a "Microsoft support team". I then proceeded to ask the man what company he worked for and he hung up. I excited the page by using aom random Java Script my dad taught me a while back and then uninstalled my chrome app for a couple of days after logging out of Instagram Facebook and Gmail.

I just got a call like a hr ago from a Microsoft support, he was indian i couldn't barley understand what he was saying but he did tell me my Microsoft windows computer was being hacked by Korea. at first i was scared, i thought omg is this real? i told him are you serious and he tells me yes please turn on your computer i will show you, So i grabed the lap top not even thinking, we don't even have a Microsoft windows here just IMac's so i grabbed the laptop and turned it on and he tells me go to my very left end corner of the keyboard and he said there should be a RN button or something like that then i was like i don't have that i started to explain what was on the laptop keyboard then he says "Oh you have a Mac? then i was like yeah and he says " oh am No its only effecting your windows computers then i tell him i don't have a windows computer > I'm already calmed down by now starting to think i think this is a scham! lol then he tells me "okay bye" then i tell him " hold on! No u told me I'm being Hacked by Korea and you were so sure of it and now u tell me bye? because i just told you i don't have a Windows Computer? i told him shouldn't u know what computer is being hacked or how did u even find out? and not know i only have Macs in this house? He was speechless then i herd Click! this was the very first time this happened to me, Why Do they Say Microsoft windows Anyways? Does anybody know? This is some crazy shit And this is the number that was on the phone 1-626-963-6356 I never called it bk but i do feel like it! just to see who answers or what they say.

I'm not the one Reply

This man called this morning. He sounded middle eastern. He asked for me and I said who is asking. He didn't give his name he just stated "I work in IT for Windows" I said ok. He said yes, there are two IP addresses that are trying to hack your windows laptop, one from Florida and one from California. Then proceeded to explain what what hacking is and that is a federal crime, they he told me what email they where trying to hack (which was one of my emails, the only email I have never logged on to my windows computer with... because they computer is old and I stopped using it for 2 years now.) Then he asked you don't live in any of these two places corrected, I said false I live in CA, he said Oo so you don't live in New York, I said no, not anymore. So he said ok, so we have to fix this before they steal your banking information and identity. I said well has law enforcement been notified that your windows computers are being hacked, that sounds like it should be public knowledge to warn people. He said yes but we have to fix your problem. I said well what do you want me to do, he said log in to your computer and you will be able to see what is happening and you will have access to the IP address that are trying to hack you. Oo well I'm not in front of a computer so you can just email me the IP addresses to a different email and I can view them later. He said I will show you when you get on a computer. I said why can't you send them to me, he starts to get a little defensive, and said I can prove I'm with Windows, I can give you the ID and license for your windows computer. I said I'm on the road still, I don't know what you want me to do. I said (since he called from a unknown number, it was suspect so) If we get disconnected, what is a good number to call back. He got mad and said I know you are lying, I understand you don't trust me but I'm not a hacker, I'm trying to help you... Excuse me?!? you know that I'm lying... So I rolled down the windows in my car and said I'm on the road, why would I lie. he said ok then when is a good time to call you back, I said wait why won't you give me your number. He said because ma'am, you are being hacked so we don't want our number to be hacked also. (so if you are able to help me prevent my computer from being hacked how would it be possible for them to hack your phone. Ok.) I said ok well I'm almost at work, your going to have to hang on. I get to work and turn on my laptop, I said its loading... He said ok now do you see the icons on the screen, I said no I just told you its loading. Then I told him yes its on although I didn't log in cause I wasn't sure if he was tracing the call and able to see my log in. Then he said ok find the c-t-r-l button on the bottom left I said yup then directed me to find the windows button. then as he is giving me directions I didn't a quick google search to see if the call was a scam and it lead me to this page lol. So thank you all. I kindly said sr. I no longer need your help, but thanks and hung up. He calls back a few second later, ma'am I'm trying to help you I do not understand you hung up? I said yes, before I hung up I said I no longer need your help he said ok then I hung up again. He calls back a minute later says ma'am I understand you do not want my help, I said no! he say ok I understand, thank you (as if getting ready to hang up on me this time so I just hung up (like what bro?). Then I get a missed call I'm saying to my self, if he calls one more time I'm gonna let them know I'm on the verge of calling the police. So they call again I didn't say anything and I hear the guy in the back explaining the call to someone. A women answers (I guess she realized the phone stopped ringing lol. I said yes, she explained one of her workers was trying to help me, I said yes and I do not need help. She said ma'am the hackers have accessed your computer and is going to take your identity, your computer id is blinking on our side I said ok. What ya'll don't know is that My friend two years ago my friend had wiped my computer clean (did a factory reset) and my computer couldn't hold a charge so I haven't really used it they may find a few pictures if that I'm not worried. They just kept pushing, they will use your email to conduct criminal activity. I said you know what since you guys won't give me a number to call back I will go online and find the number to call Windows back later. She said so you think we are hackers, we can prove we are not. I said I never said you are a hacker, I know you guys are trying to help me but I'm at work and I have to get work done, I don't have time right now. I will call you guys back during my lunch since you say you are with Windows. I need to go. And ya'll should have heard her voice, she sounded so defeated. She said yes, ok ma'am.

Sadly, there are always going to be people out there trying to do you wrong you guys just have to be mindful. Get a number get there name and do a little research before doing what they ask.

Just happened when I was on the computer reading the news, The screen flashed while I was on the internet, and said my computer was being hacked by a trojan virus called Zeus. It said to call Microsoft
immediately to resolve the issue. Once the man answered I noticed that damn Indian on the other line! I was frustrated, I could not understand him well. He was into my computer and I know now, he was downloading my IP. addresses and trying to explain to me, that people were hacking into my computer. He wanted to send me over to Tech support to sell ma a product to unlock my computer. I told him hell no, and get your hands out of my computer! He logged out of my computer and once then I restated it while he didn't know and was able to get back into my computer, I hung up and realized it was a scam.. Sad thing is remotely they can now hack into my system if they want to!!! Call the banks, institutions, etc... Life is about to get a whole lot worse! We are broke here in California and we are suffering with extreme high cost of living and Bums walking around all day! our government here does not give a sh*t! they just want your votes, to keep them in the money. same as Washington DC.

I was on the computer last night and a screen came on with a man. He said you have been hacked you need to give me your credit card number and we can fix it. I immediately clicked the screen off. Anyway, later my husband got a call and it said if you are the person that was just on micro soft windows you need to call us back right away so we can fix this. We did not call.

So, I got a call from this number and it was some non-American on the other side of the line. I ignored it the first time but they keep calling so I decided to answer and have fun. He said my windows was hacked and asked if I was having some problem. So I told him, yes some one has transferred all my money from the bank account and using my credit card to shop online. LOL. Then the dude said, "we tried reaching you but we got no feedback" So I asked how did you reach me by email, postal mail phone call and he kept repeating we had no feedback. There was a lot of background noise so I asked hime where they are located and he said troy Michigan so I asked him what was the time there. He put me on mute and told me the time. So, I asked hime what time zone are you on? Is it CDT? and he put me on mute again and after 3 minutes said the time again so I skipped that. Then he convinced me how hacked my system was and offered to talk to his senior who would guide me. Then the guy asks me turn on my computer. I tell him it is on and ask if I should close the word document I was working on. And he is like yes now what do you see? And I reply the Chicago architecture (while controlling my own laughter) he laughs hard probably thinking I am dumb. Then he asks me to look at my keyboard and at extreme left press ACtrl key which sounded like STRl I said I have no such key on my keyboard. He said its called the control key and I should press ACTRL and I repeated Nope there is a shift key but no key to control the computer. That got him really pissed of and he started calling me you swearwords Indian and hung up. This guy did speak in American accent but seemed like he was sitting in a Korean call center. It was hilarious. I wish I could have recorded the conversation.

We have been receiving these calls for months/years possible. You would think that they would realize that we are not going to fall for it. The last one, they give you the names of "people who are accessing" your computer. First time, I responded with omg, I'll take it to my tech guy now thank you for letting me know. Of course they were angry, they wanted to "fix" the problem, I said I don't know you and I have a tech person that I trust and know very well. Next time they called with the "names" my husband told them of course they have access to my computer, we know them they are suppose to have access. What's your problem. They don't like that either. Spread the word especially to the older generations, they are more easily tricked sorry to say.

I got a call today saying my windows got hacked and the was say i need to download software and then hung up

There is a new caller scammer that just called me about 30 minutes ago...It is going by the name of, "AllTell". I informed them that I would be the owner of a computer IF I EVEN owned one....Didn't phase the idiot called one bit...Finally I interrupted him and asked him what part of I DID NOT OWN A COMPUTER did he not understand>>>To which the guy JUST CONTINUED ON with his scam pitch like I hadn't said a word....He must be paid based on how long he can keep one on the phone with his scamming patter...I hung up on him because I had shut my computer down immediately when he made it clear HE WANTED TO HELP ME.....I told him he was a low life scammer....

‭I had the same problem, but from a caller in Memphis. The number is (901) 763-3644‬

Received call today from 866 337 5033 today 1-5-2018 claiming to be Microsoft wanting me to call so they could install preventive measures!

1-09-2018, received a call from 1-866-337-5033 today with a automated recording advising that my computer was compromised. I just called the number and chewed them out. Beware

I received 3 consequtive calls, by the third call I was annoyed and wanted to waste their time. I left my phone on but was not listening and asked them to explain what I needed to do, all the while I was playing candy crush.

Now the woman mentioned my laptop was on and on the internet and that it was a hp which it is. She told me she would disconnect my windows id because I was not listening ti her and she could not allow me to continue use of my laptop. Then she went on and told me the id number, which zi checked on my paper snd was correct. This person hacked my wifi and got access to my laptop. I immediatly switched my laptop off, my laptop is my personal one and is in no way connected/registered to the phone number I was rang on.

I have switched off all devices that are connected to the wifi, using 4G on my phone now.

They must be very busy people so I assume it would be safe to open my laptop again within a couple of hours.
Do you guys think it would be safe to open my laptop again? I will have to check my virus scanner once it is back on though I guess.

My daughter got the windows call. He said to open her windows. She left the phone for about 5 minutes. Returned and told him her windows were open but one. It was stuck with paint. He really did not get it. Asked why there was paint on her computer. She hung upnlaughing.
I got the the same call. I just informed the caller that god knew what hee was doing and he would have to answer for ripping off old people and if he had kids he someday may need to answer to themas to why he chose life as a crook. Silence. After a minute or two he hung up.

My mom kept receiving these phone calls from a strange number and she answered and it was a guy who named himself Charlie. He made up a story of how people have been trying to steal her ip address and since this was important microsoft makes a call instead of sending an email or message. He also added that if she did nothing they will be forced to lock her computer and discontinue her service. She told him she was at work and that if she could call him later. The guy only speaked english, my mom does not and she gave me the number to call. I called to see what was happening and i realized they were trying to hack us. I told him not to call again i know who he was and i will contact the FBI on him. The guy hanged up and he never called back. They called from 234-567-890 and left a voice mail with the number we called later on which was 866-518-0281. Please be aware and dont get scammed

I just got the call. Guy was Asian. I asked that he remove my name and number from his system and he bagan to yell at me to listen to him about my computer being hacked. I blocked the number which according to my caller ID was from Minnesota. Geeze..

I got calls today from (319) 674-6161 and 6160 same old line first they have me to go to which brings up “establish support connection” then I am to put in my name and a support key which he gives me. Then it’s supposed to download a file into my computer. (I don’t do any of this on a computer mind you, I just like messin with em) then hit continue. I dunno about the next screen. That’s as far as I’ve gotten with them. They usually say are you playing with me? I say yes and I just made you waste 20 minutes that you won’t be able to steal any money from people. If anyone knows the next screen please publish so I can’t use up another 10 minutes lmao!

I received a call today and although the woman was difficult to understand, she transferred me over to a security department which had the authority to explain how the hackers got into my computer while I was using it. Sadly I fell for this well thought out BS story regarding my Microsoft Computer being hacked.
When it came to asking me for my credit card to pay for Walware to protect me from being hacked in the future I actually was naive enough to believe them.
Within one hour of this occurring I became skeptical and called my sister who reminded me that Microsoft doesn’t phone their customers and to call my bank immediately to cancel the amount they charged on my credit card.

I did this immediately and my bank reminded me not to be so hard on myself as these people are becoming very smooth and training people who sound convincing. Unlike a lot of the other comments I read on this site; the person who was talking to me was very well educated and had downloaded numerous messages that were urgently telling me that they (Microsoft), were concerned that there was fraudulent activity taking place. This freaked me out, as I didn’t have an updated virus protection on my computer. Due to seeing all of these urgent messages, I have to admit this is when my emotions took over. Obviously my brain shut off! Lol! All I could think of is OMG my personal life has been compromised!
So all in all I have contacted my bank, cancelled my credit card, replaced my debit card, put additional changes on my bank information to make it impossible for these hackers to do any harm. and will change my phone # asap!
I unplugged my computer immediately after I spoke to my brother in law, and he advised me to go to the store I purchased it and pay to get it cleaned out so that I would know that any viruses would be wiped out!
I never thought this would happen to me as I usually hang up immediately.
Before you judge people with regards to how well they know computers or how old they are; please be vigilant!
Ask these hackers lots of questions, as when you do it throws them off their game, as many of these scammers are scripted and they sound very convincing until you throw questions back at them. They get frustrated and you will recognize that they are absolutely bogus!
The reality is that a bank or computer company such as Microsoft will not call you! Beware as these people are ruthless!

Received a call yesterday from a restricted number which I answered because I have a good friend whose calls come in that way. Turned out to be a scam call. First they said they were from google and noticed I was being hacked and someone was taking $5000 from my checking account online. They said i needed to turn back on my security and they would show me how. So I decided to play along. They wanted me to run the config sys file and read some numbers and then they would walk me through the steps. Finally I said I was on to them and they got indignant! Said they were just trying to protect me. I said I have a internal IT team who does that and then replied that THEY were from my IT team (which of course doesn't exist). I said if you are, then what is my virus protection program and they kept saying well, you don't have McAfee. That's all they kept repeating and insisting they were not a scam. They brought in a "manager" to verify they were legit and she said they were Microsoft and then changed to say they were a company who works for Microsoft. I asked for a phone number to call them back at "Microsoft" and when i did...she answered! She got mad when I said I knew they were scamming. Told them I was going to report them and they hung up. They kept calling back many times throughout the day! 855 774 5777 They definitely were pushy and trying instill fear. I know many unsuspecting people must fall for it.

This is the number they called me from. Same story.. says he’s from Windows support and my computer has been hacked and he just wants to “help” ‭+1 (800) 859-5632‬

Franklin During Reply

Received a call this morning from this telephone number (1 794 941 1114) it is coming from the USA.

Caller wanted access to my computer to prevent hackers.

She was very persistent and promised to call me back later-

I simply tell them that I don't have a computer...

Dirk van de Ven new Zealand Reply

These people called a few weeks ago. As i kept them on the line they grew inpatient. So i told them i would try to find out first if this call could be trusth worthy, by going to the council officer who deals with computercriminallity. Then they told me to hurry up and help them within ten minutes, not in dfays. If i should not do so they would disconnect me directly from al internetconnections.
And make my devices unable to ever use again. I told them i would take this risk. And nothing happened.
Today however the indian men called again. When i picked up my phone, nobody speaks. Then i ask, if somebody in there, he starets to tell me about being hacked, i say, goodbye, and disconnect. I bet he was waiting to hear who was on the phone first. They tell you, if you ask them, they call from an office in Wellington. But they could be anywhere, while they belong in jail

just received a call like this just now... 1-621-762-4731... i told her Microsoft doesn't make these calls, told her she was a scam... hung up, and she called back from a number 1951577... trying to tell me if she was a scam she wouldn't be able to call back right away... mmmhhhhmmm so they are still at it... claiming that there is a breech in my system... yeah... i was not happy and told her she was full of crap and not to call back. but you can really hear them reading from a script...

I tried to say that I didn't have a computer and she got angry and shrill, said she was talking about my laptop and asked me why I was lying about it.

The support people are locked on controlling my computers im buying home new bank info all my stuff

Just had one of these calls both at work and at home did some research saw it was a scam so had a bit of fun with person with stupid accent which was also fake . Number used was‭+1 72608033664510‬ hope this helps others .

I have received similar calls from these numbers:

Under the pretense that my computer was hacked.
I disconnected it when he stated his purpose.

I just got 1 these calls. Guy with Indian accent said if I wanted my computer to keep running I have to send him 500 dollars or my computer will shut down and I will be arrested . I said nice try scammer .He cussed me out and hung up.

i was called twice this morning, two completly different people with indian accents, saying that my pc has been hacked from malaysia and its a serious issue, lol. Theyre supposedly working with microsoft, but dont believe their crap, i basically kept telling them to stop calling them and never heard from them again. The ironic thing was that their prefixes were from england but they said they were from Microsoft Maharashtra, obv a scam.

I just got a call from 0765931662 I live in Netherland I have got twice cal but before anything I made a research in the internet while I was talking with him thin I sow this page which help us immediately to hung up the phone .
Thank everyone write his or here experiences with this face calls

Got this call yesterday, after I pushed #1, I got a guy I could barely understand. I told him
that if he was serious about spending his time getting money out of old ladies, he should first
learn to speak English. (He hung up)