Fake AV Tech Support Scheme Fools Victims into Calling Scammers

It isn't uncommon for us to come across some type of new and emerging scamming technique used by scammers that we have never seen before. With that said, there's a new 'call support center' scheme that is being exploited which combines a fake antivirus program and tech support scam. It is where cybercrooks rely on Fake Antivirus Apps' Support calls to extort money from unsuspecting computer users.

This is not the first time we have seen some type of customer service entity used within a fake security product to exploit computer users. The recent incident involves a malicious website, which attempts to warn PC users of an imminent malware threat on their computer. The site then instructs the user to call a phone number for "immediate support." The persons on the other end of the phone lay out the instructions to pay up for the malware removal services, which is in essence a scam.

This particular technique is rather clever. The cybercrook on the other end of the phone no longer has to approach the potential victim, they let the victim come to them. As an example, the Figure 1 image below is an actual Fake AV application warning message displayed through a malicious site offering a 1-888 support number "for immediate support." This particular scam will ultimately ask that you pay a fine for what will be uncovered as bogus services.

Figure 1. Fake AV support number through malicious website - Source: Sophos
malicious site offering fake av support call

The Fake AV Support call scam is something that is being utilized on an aggressive scale. With the number of new Fake AV apps being employed just about every day, the number of potential victims increases exponentially. It is up to every individual to pick and choose who to call for potential security issues, even if an offered support number looks to be from a legitimate source.

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