Facebook Adds 'Remote Logout' Feature to Increase Security and Reduce Scams

facebook adding remote logout featureFacebook will be rolling out a new Remote Logout feature that will enable its users to limit access from devices or computers that spammers (or unapproved persons) may logged into your account on.

Facebook has already had an onslaught of recent scams which have duped many users into relinquishing personal information that could either lead to identity theft or compromise their Facebook account. The implementation of this new remote logout feature is an answer to Facebook's increase in the number of spam, adware scams and misleading phishing sites used to trick Facebook users into entering their usernames, passwords, and other personal information.

Some of the recent Facebook scams, such as the bogus free iPad - iPhone 4 offer, did a good job at tricking users mainly because they appear to have come from a Facebook friend. Several of the Facebook scams are designed to be re-posted on a friend's 'Wall' thus enticing other friends to click on the scammer's link. This way the scammers can perpetually spread their scam links, reaching thousands of users in a short period of time.

To address this mounting issue on Facebook, this new remote logout feature on Facebook gives users a way to log out machines that they have recently used. Prime examples would be a public computer located in a library, a friend mobile phone or computer, and even a stolen laptop.

Facebook already introduced a login notification feature that alerts users when different devices log into their account back in May. The newer remote logout feature adds to the same idea this time allowing you to actually kick off a user currently logged into your Facebook account. Before this, it was not possible.

The new remote logout feature (login control feature) is not currently available to all Facebook users right now. However, Facebook plans to roll it out gradually and users will be able to access it by going to 'Account Settings' and then look for the 'Account Security' section. In this settings area, each Facebook user will be able to see which computers are currently logged into Facebook, in addition to what operating system and web browser the logged user is using.

Just think, you log into Facebook and encounter a hacker logged into your account from an unknown location, you can then log out that hacker off of your account and promptly change your password. Doing this would potentially save you from spreading some type of scam onto your Facebook friends while protecting your own interest at the same time.

Do you think a new remote logout feature is the answer to all of the Facebook scams currently circulating and spreading to thousands of users? Should Facebook approach this situation differently? If so, tell us what you think they should do to address it by posting a comment below.

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  • Tyron:

    This remote logout feature is very handy as it added an extra layer of security to our Fb account, What I like the most about this service is they drop an Email when ever some1 tries to login from unauthorized computer. I believe this feature is inspired from GMail Session feature….

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