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Facebook Introduces One-Time Temporary Passwords to Prevent Account Hacking

facebook temporary password loginIn an effort to assure Facebook users who may log into their account using a potentially malware infected or public computer, Facebook has rolled out a one-time 'temporary password' feature.

The new 'temporary password' or 'one-time password' feature allows Facebook users to create a temporary password to use on public computers that they believe their regular password might be compromised. Not only will Facebook users feel more secure when they take advantage of the 'temporary password' feature, but they will have piece of mind when they use computers at hotels, airports or any other public place that may have an unsecure Wi-Fi network.

To use the new Facebook 'temporary password' feature, users will need to list their mobile phone numbers with their Facebook accounts so the temporary password can be texted to them. Then, the Facebook user can simply text the letters "otp" to the number "32665" from their mobile phone and Facebook will send a temporary password that is good for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes have gone by, the user or anyone else will not be able to use that password to log into the Facebook account.

Computers with malware or password-stealing keylogging software is mounting to unprecedented numbers. With 48% of 22 million scanned computers infected with malware in Q3 of 2009, according to a 'Phishing Activity Trends Report', Facebook goal is to protect those users who may have filed to protect themselves. Keylogging software is a type of malware that usually goes undetected while it records keystrokes potentially allowing a hacker to obtain a users' password to an online account such as Facebook or a banking login.

Facebook already introduced a way for users to track the computers that have logged into their account and remotely log them out. The new 'temporary password' feature is an additional layer of protection. Facebook plans to gradually roll-out the 'temporary password' feature and will be available to all users within the next few weeks.

Will you use the 'temporary password' feature? In the past, what situations were you involved in that this feature would have come in handy?


pls make this succesfull im tired of trying all the ways

No puedo abrirlo

My phone was stolen and my acct was hacked they changed my password and pH no. My recovery acct was also hacked.

Even after proving the hacker wanted to sell me back my Facebook account, Facebook allowed the thief of my account. Since Facebook is allowing people to steal our accounts, it may be time for a change. The text message to get a temp password, does not work!!!