Chromium Web Browser's New Reset Option Allows for Easier Malware Recovery

chromium malware recovery reset option defeat malwareThe web browser wars seem to never dissipate as Chromium, an open source browser serving as a sourced version of Google Chrome's latest features, adds a new reset option allowing easier recovery from malware.

Malware is the root of all evil for computers, their operating system and web browser software. With ever web browser out on the current market, there lies its own vulnerabilities and 'issues' that end-users quickly discover. To really put things in perspective, there are over 600 million websites as of December 2012. Imagine a while percentage of those being malicious sites that await to pick apart the next vulnerable web browser that loads such a site. You will conclude that it is inevitable that your web browser software of choice will one day face its match for loading a malicious site that picks apart whatever malware protection it has built into it.

Having any type of malware detection or protection features within a web browser application gives it a leg up in keeping your system protected. The latest build of Chromium, being the sought-after web browser choice for some and alternative for those using other popularized browsers, has a new reset feature that allows it to easily recovery from malware or loading of a malicious site.

The new reset feature in Chromium essentially adds the ability to return aspects of the browser to their default states. What is called a set of "Reset profile settings" in Chromium, gives users the ability to customize reset events where each option is a popular setting that common malware sets out to manipulate.

Many of the ways in which malware obtained from malicious Internet sets operate is to first change Internet settings, such as the default home page, default search engine, content settings, extensions and cookie data. It just so happens that Chromium's new reset feature set provides a bevy of these options to properly reset, so it is able to easily recover from a malware intrusion.

We recently revealed how Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 defeated Firefox and Chrome on blocking malicious downloads. Although that stands to be true how IE10 is a step above the competition for blocking malicious downloads, Chromium's new malware-reset feature set paves the way for Chromium users to easily recover or prevent the grave consequences of allowing malware to have its way with infiltrating the web browser.

Because of Chromium's granular architecture, thanks to it being an open source platform, its restoration options surpass those offered in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Through the default restoration via resets, Chromium basically gives you a clean slate to start over in the event that you run into a malicious site loading malware that sets out to manipulate specific settings to potentially further infect your system.

Being that Google's Chrome and Chromium partially piggyback on each other's architecture, hopefully it remains in the playing cards to implement shared features like the new reset option in the latest builds of Chrome.

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