Computer Security Warning: Over 20,000 Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo Email Accounts...

Warning: Over 20,000 Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo Email Accounts Hacked!

A major email security scam has taken place today where hackers compromised over 20,000 Gmail, AOL and Yahoo email accounts and posted the login details of them online. It is apparent that there is a phishing scheme happening where hackers are able to obtain thousands of login credentials from users of Hotmail, and now, AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast and Earthlink accounts. The phishing scheme must be rather advanced as they are able to obtain the login information of over 30,000 accounts combined. Just the other day, it was found where over 10,000 Hotmail accounts were compromised and login information was posted online.

gmail email accounts compromised

Many of the email service providers have taken action to address this situation such as in the case of Gmail where Google is forcing password resets on all of the affected accounts.

Precautionary Tip: Users of the other services should reset their password regardless to ensure that their account is not used by an attacker or that they do not become a victim of identity theft.

We cannot stress it enough; the best thing to do in situations like these is to reset your password. In addition, it is recommended that you avoid using the same password for multiple web sites or online applications.

When was the last time you changed the password to your web-based email account? Will you be taking action to change it now after reading about this incident?


I am one of the victims whose business email has been compromised. This began three or 4 days ago and I relayed the bogus emails to AOL for advice and action on how to address. In both instances I had no response. I changed my email password two days ago and yesterday another bogus email went out under my name/email to members of my "contact" list, several of which I have had no contact with in over a year -- why is this still happening even after I changes my password?

It was not until yesterday evening that I went on line to AOL Tech Support and spoke with a representative who informed me about the breech and work in progress to repair damage. My question is still, why weren't I and countless other AOL account holders advised of the breech and associated risks? I want answers and will cancel my account if there is no direct response on status by AOL.


I'm a small business too. I started having problems last Friday morning and locked everything down. Some of my sites thought I was over reacting. It took a week to regain access to some accounts. Still no access to my Facebook account. My Microsoft email was hacked on 9/10 and tens of thousands of provocative emails for 'InstaGirls' have been sent from this account. They stole a week of my life. I plan to place a police report and hand over the evidence. They left plenty!!! Of course it's likely I will have to hire an attorney to sue because law enforcement does little to nothing about these crimes. In fact I had a local officer tell me that 'crime is good for business.'

Thank you because I have become a victim of this scam on my gmail account so I will follow your advice.

I to have the same trouble. At least 2 span emails a day all from an address.

It's happened last Monday. Some one hacked to my iPhone 6 plus full out my note ( all information on my note) out went to my trash Gmail box. My credit cards stolen & use in different states. When I look back my note I wonder why my note information out to my gmail trash by itself. I look back just see it & disappear in front of you. All gone nothing there. Why some one can go in my iPhone to full out my note pages by pages. I have to cancel all my information. still wonder why it in Gmail box??

I still cannot get into my own email account! frustrated to say the least!

So, people stop use AIL, Yahoo, Comcast, Gmail, and Hotmail for business? What kinda lowlifes are they?

Elina Williams Reply

If you are not already logged in to AOL account, log in with username and password of the account you want to delete. In case you are already logged in you will directly be taken to the personal home page of AOL.

My aol account has been hacked. AOL has been useless. My cell phone, or former hacked cell phonr, is on the account and I can’t get in. AOL has been useless, as they have my old hacked cell phone number
on my account. I’m presently waiting for AOL on the phone to answer.

All make sure when you get your account back you check to see if the hackers put any filters in place. you can do this in mail settings. They add filters for mail to be sent directly to trash so you do not see it on another device. The filers would say, Order, Amazon, Action Required, etc. make sure you delete those or you will not be able to get emails to reset your passwords at the other places. Once they get the email address, they go through your email to see where you shop. They will then reset your password there using your email. So it is very critical to change your password to every site that uses your "Hacked" email. ie Google Play, iCloud, Amazon, Ebay. Paypal... Check your credit card and change the password for all your credit cards because if they somehow get access to your Credit Card Account they can request an additional user and a new credit card. Its crazy how much of our lives are tied to a simple email address and a 8 character password. Its important to think about the Internet and your home computer and router just like your house. You lock the doors, install cameras, add an alarm system. You need to do the same with online. Add two factor(multi Factor) authentication wherever possible. A simple text message comes to you with a code. Do not check email on any public computers. There is software that can read passwords installed on 70 percent of computers that are for public use. This is a different age. Be careful.

My account was hacked

Barbara Neilon Reply

The same thing has happened to me. Changing my password did not stop the perpetrators. Deleting my aol account has not stopped them either. Contacts are still receiving phishing emails even this morning.