Optimization Panel


RegHunter integrates several tools that speed up PC performance through automated optimizations. The Optimization panel (1) gives you easy access to five tools: Optimize Your System (2), Defragment Your Hard Drive (3), Defragment Your Registry (4), Disable AutoPlay (5) and Run the Cleanup Wizard (6).

When you click Optimize Your System (2), RegHunter will make several modifications to your Windows configuration to speed up your PC. You can reverse these changes at any time by clicking "Undo Optimization".

Clicking Defragment Your Hard Drive (3) will launch the Windows Disk Defragmenter utility. This utility will analyze and defragment your hard drive to obtain optimal disk performance.

Clicking Defragment Your Registry (4) will run RegHunter's built-in registry defragmentation. Registry defragmentation improves Windows registry access speed and performance.

Clicking Disable AutoPlay (5) will disable the Windows auto-play feature. It is recommended to disable this feature to prevent malware on compromised CDs, DVDs and USB drives from automatically running when the media is connected to your PC. This feature can be re-enabled at any time by clicking the "Enable AutoPlay" button.

Clicking Run the Cleanup Wizard (6) will open the Windows Disk Cleanup utility. During the Disk Cleanup process, Windows will determine items that you can cleanup to free up disk space by eliminating unnecessary files.