'Printer not printing' Issue

Almost everyone has experienced the frustrations caused by a printer failing to do its job at the very last moment before the deadline of an important personal or business project. You just need a couple of more pages, but the device just refuses and instead spits out various errors. One of the more common is the 'Printer not printing' issue. The causes for this problem vary in nature, and as a result, users may have to try several different solutions.

Let's start with the more obvious ones. Users affected by the 'Printer not printing' issue should check if the device hasn't run out of printing supplies such as ink, toner, or paper. Check if all the cables of the printer are connected and in working order properly.

Another possible cause that prevents your current printing from resolving could be an issue with a job added earlier in the printing queue. In that case, users have to clear the queue and initiate their print job once again. To do so:

  1. Open the 'Devices and Printers' tab found in Windows' Control Panel.
  2. Locate your printer among the listed devices, right-click it, select 'See what's printing' or a similar option.
  3. Open the 'Printer' menu in the window that appears and select 'Cancel All Documents.'

However, the solution that has the highest chance of succeeding in fixing the 'Printer not printing' issue is to reinstall the printer drivers. Users will have to visit the official website of the manufacturer of the malfunctioning printer, go to the corresponding downloads or support section, find the driver package suitable for their model of printer, download and execute it.