Computer Security Malicious Leaked Snapchats Page Drives Users to Facebook...

Malicious Leaked Snapchats Page Drives Users to Facebook Phishing Sites

The social networking world is virtually exploding in its popularity of people around the world and hackers are steadily exploiting them as much as they can. In some of their latest endeavors to take advantage of social networking users around the world, cybercrooks have leaked out Snapchats that lure users to Facebook phishing sites to steal Facebook login credentials.

Snapchat has become a clever service for offering individuals the chance to quickly share a photo where it will later be removed or basically self-destruct after a few seconds. The service has emerged as a popular social networking atmosphere for many young folks who do not desire to leave up their shared photos. However, these quickly-shared images and videos draw the promiscuity of individuals and can eventually lead to an unfound eagerness or curiosity, which hackers are aggressively exploiting through a malicious site.

In December of 2013, computer security experts warned of a website called, which was later blocked by Google and many antivirus firms. This particular site was advertised through Facebook events, and upwards of 800,000 users were invited to check out these 'leaked' photos through the claimed Snapchat site.

Upon visiting the malicious site, where users were promised leaked uncensored photos of 18+ year-olds. Usually, attempting to view this site on desktop machines the user will encounter some type of block due to it being listed has being malicious. However, on mobile devices the site may load without road blocks since mobile browsers lack the same type of protection of desktop browsers as shown in figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Racy photos offered via Leaked Snapchats leading to Facebook Phishing site load on a mobile device example
facebook phishing via fake snapchats links

Once a user lands on the site, they may be redirected to what appears to be a Facebook page where the user is prompted to enter their Facebook username and password. This is where hackers are able to phish Facebook login information, which will enable a cybercrook to access your Facebook account with unadulterated access to perform all types of malicious actions with your profile.

We also believe that cybercrooks behind this scheme may take several Facebook login information for spreading other malicious campaigns and phishing scams through the friends of compromised Facebook account holders. It is always in your best interest to avoid questionable sites such as even if the site promises some type if raunchy or uncensored images of 18+ year olds.