Issue Is the MyFlixer website safe?

Is the MyFlixer website safe?

The MyFlixer website tries to attract users with the promise of giving them access to all of the latest movies and TV shows. The video content is supposedly available for streaming without cost, absolutely free. Unlike many other similar websites, MyFlixer even claims that users can download and keep the chosen shows for offline viewing. Such an offer can indeed sound enticing but there are several red flags that users must take into account.

First, the content available on MyFlixer is likely being streamed without settling the necessary licensing. Depending on the specific copyright laws of the user's country, watching or keeping such content could be illegal. In addition, the site may open or redirect users to various dubious pages. Indeed, the site may lead to questionable betting pages, show adult-oriented advertisements and more. The exact destinations of the redirects could be based on the visitor's IP address and geolocation.

MyFlixer also asks users to enable its push notifications. It is not recommended to do so. Subscribing to the notifications of unproven or unfamiliar websites could result in a constant stream of unwanted advertisements starting to appear on the affected system. The advertisements may promote questionable sites, services or products. 

In conclusion, the MyFlixer website does provide what it promises. However, it does so illegally and it is up to each user to decide whether the potential risks are worth it.