'hpPreProcessing.filter will damage your computer' Error

The 'hpPreProcessing.filter will damage your computer' error is a warning message on macOS systems that may block HP brand printers. It usually is the result of out-of-date software, and users should check for driver updates to correct this issue. In rare cases, the 'hpPreProcessing.filter will damage your computer' error can be due to intentionally-misnamed files that endanger your device or computer, and you should allow the system to block it.

Looking at Everyday Mac Printer-Anti-Virus Conflicts

In most situations, taking a security service's word on what it's protecting the PC or other device from is the best option. There always are exceptions, though, such as some cases of the 'hpPreProcessing.filter will damage your computer' error. This warning, which is specific to the macOS operating system, often is a case of mistaken identity, to the detriment of any printing activities.

The 'hpPreProcessing.filter will damage your computer' error can occur in several scenarios. The least likely of these – but still, possible – is a threat attacking the computer with the fake file name of an HP-brand printer component. A similar scenario is if a Trojan or other threat hijacks the printer's process for arbitrary reasons. In these cases, users should disinfect their systems with appropriate anti-malware services before taking other actions.

However, the 'hpPreProcessing.filter will damage your computer' error is, very often, nothing more than a driver conflict. Users always should maintain the latest drivers for their hardware, including printers, unless there are problems that force them to revert to an older version. Apple provides HP drivers on their website (apple.com) that macOS users may download for free. The hp.com website also provides drivers for their products and is useful for identifying whether or not a driver is out-of-date or current.

After installing any drivers, reboot the system before testing the printer again.

HP Printer Fixes Beyond Updating Drivers

Users also have more options besides direct driver updates. If the 'hpPreProcessing.filter will damage your computer' error continues appearing, consider downloading the HP Easy Start utility directly from the hp.com website. This tool provides a streamlined, more automated way of updating any printer software so that the system can recognize it as not being a threat. Use it for uninstalling the malfunctioning device software before installing the new version.

For a few lucky users, driver updates aren't always necessary. Reset the macOS printing system's settings by going to System Preferences, Printers and Scan, and then, Print. Right-click the malfunctioning printer and choose the reset option. You may need to provide your admin credentials. Wait until after no printers are visible in the list before rebooting. After a reboot, the printer should appear by default, although you may need to click the add button for manually adding it. Select it.

Users also should always remember that the 'hpPreProcessing.filter will damage your computer' Error, and similar messages, are macOS's attempt at protecting the user from potentially hostile files. Only override it if there's no uncertainty about the file's safety.

Since most 'hpPreProcessing.filter will damage your computer' error scenarios are due to minor certificate or driver issues, malware experts don't rate it as a security emergency, on average.

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