How to Import Passwords From a .CSV File to Google Chrome on Windows-based Systems

import csv chromeAll the versions up to v. 75 featured a special flag called PasswordImport. The flag disappeared for the next few versions (76-79) for no apparent reason, and returned again in version 80. While Google never disclosed the reason for removing this feature, a quick inspection of the export function’s code revealed that the import code was still there but Chrome’s developers had assigned it to remain hidden to the user. The current Google Chrome version — 80.0.3987.149 – does contain the PasswordImport flag and the guide below is fully applicable to it, as well. To proceed, you have to enable the PaswordImport flag first. To do that, head over to Google Chrome’s Flags page by typing chrome://flags in your address bar and set Password Import to Enabled from the drop-down menu next to it (as seen on the image below).

Then restart your Google Chrome browser and go through the next steps.

    1. Go to the Settings page at <, select Autofill and click on the Passwords entry on the right (see images below)

    1. Click on Passwords on the right. Chrome will display a list of your saved passwords. If you haven’t got any, save at least one before you proceed with the next steps

    1. Click on the three vertical dots icon on the right (see the red oval in the screenshot above) and select the Import option.

Note! If the Import tab is not there and you only see the one that reads Export passwords, right-click on Export passwords and select Inspect option from the context menu. This will load the code console highlighting the Export passwords code in blue. Look at code for the missing Import entry just above the highlighted (in blue) code for the Export passwords menu and delete the word “hidden” (underlined in red on the image below) from the “hidden role” item and click Enter to enable the Import menu.

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  1. Select the .csv file containing your previously exported login data and import it on Google Chrome.

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