Computer Security Hackers Take Advantage of Recent DDoS Attack Against Twitter

Hackers Take Advantage of Recent DDoS Attack Against Twitter

In a recent report about the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack against Twitter and other web sites hosting accounts of the pro-Georgian blogger nicknamed "Cyxymu", it was stated the amount of problems caused and the damage done to these platforms, as well as the implications behind them with regards to the political strife between the Republic of Georgia and Russia.

Whether accusations are to be believed or not, one thing has become obvious: cybercriminals have begun to take advantage of this latest hot topic, with malicious websites already on the rise. Various links are easily discovered on a Google search, one of which actually propositions the user to add Cyxymu as a friend. Not surprisingly, though, this link was nothing but an enticement that redirects to a website promoting a rogue anti-spyware application.

If it wasn’t certain yet, it should be blatantly obvious by now, that hackers will do almost anything in order to make some quick cash by feeding Internet users false information, or misleading them to products online that hold only malicious intent. One should always be wary when searching the Web for information regarding the latest newsworthy craze, as cybercriminals are sure to be swift in taking advantage of the public’s fascination.

Once again, it would seem we did not have to wait long before encountering these rogue websites seeking to benefit from others misfortune.