Aggressive Facebook 'FB Stalker' App ( Phishing Scam Steals Account Access

facebook phishing scamsIt seems as if there is some type of new scam circulating on the 1-billion-user-strong social networking site, which we aptly know to be Facebook, just about every day. One of the latest scams to be birthed out of the handy work of creative cybercrooks is a malicious app claiming to allow Facebook users to see who has been viewing their profile.

This particular type of Facebook app-offering scheme has been around for quite some time now. More recently, this malicious type of app offer has birthed into what is called FB Stalker, claiming to give Facebook users a glimpse at who has been viewing their profile. The malicious intent of the FB Stalker app, known to redirect users to the web site, is to display a bogus Facebook login page (as demonstrated in Figure 1 below) where it forces users to enter their Facebook login credentials.

Figure 1 - page redirection to bogus Facebook login page/phishing site phishing site fbstalker app

The FB Stalker app scam is rather familiar to us, only because we have witnessed other countless phishing scams, sites and malicious Internet debris swimming through the proverbial world-wide-web ocean. One thing to note within the URL, which we have blurred out for your protection, is that it starts with….fbstalker26… The URL pays homage to the actual '' site just to trick unwary users. The URL is actually rooted off of, which is the actual phishing site.

Probably one of the more disturbing discoveries of this supposed FB Stalker app on Facebook, is that it is not only designed to pilfer your Facebook login and password, but it attempts to collect your security questions and their answers. This means the cybercrooks behind the FB Stalker scam could access an account without having the exact password, or better yet, lock you out of your Facebook account entirely.

Fake profile viewer app offers have virtually flooded Facebook profiles in the past and still live on today in some form. This is one of the first times we have seen where such application offers have been so aggressive with their phishing methods. In knowing how the popularity and growth of Facebook remains at a constant gaining pace, phishers are almost guaranteed a bit each and every time they cast out their lure laced with some type of clever con.

The question you are probably asking is, how can you prevent becoming victimized from such alleged apps on Facebook? The best thing to do is steer clear of apps that attempt to offer something that seems too good to be true. We would all like to have an app on Facebook that actually detects and reports who may be stalking you or viewing your profile. The fact is such an app does not exist and if it did, Facebook would have some type of privacy or security control over it.

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