Issue ERROR 1962 Lenovo – No Operating System Found Fix

ERROR 1962 Lenovo – No Operating System Found Fix

The Error 1962: No Operating System Found could become a significant inconvenience. It affects Windows systems and, more specifically, Lenovo devices. The error appears during the device's boot-up, which will then be stuck and fail to proceed. As the message of the error states, the device has not been able to detect a working OS (Operating System) and, as such, doesn't have a way to continue with its startup procedure.

Reasons for the ERROR 1962 - No Operating System Found

When you encounter the error 1962 'No Operating System Found,' it is likely that there is an issue with your disk drive, Windows startup or BIOS settings. A corrupted Windows operating system or improperly customized BIOS can cause difficulty booting up the device. On the other hand, a faulty disc drive could cause the device to be unable to read the OS files properly. Some of the most common indicators of drive issues include slower than usual performance, loud and uncharacteristic noises, such as clicking or loud component sounds and frequent errors caused by corrupted files.

How to Fix the ERROR 1962 – No Operating System Found?

Using the Startup Repair:

  1. Create bootable media (USB or DVD).
  2.  Insert the bootable media and start up Windows from it.
  3.  In the Windows Setup window, choose Language, keyboard or input method and Time and Currency format.
  4.  Click 'Repair your computer' and select 'Troubleshoot.'
  5.  Select 'Advanced options' and click 'Automatic Repair.'
  6.  Select the OS for the repair process to begin.
  7.  Follow the prompts to boot up your Windows PC after completing the repair process.

Changing the Boot priority in BIOS:

  1. Start up your PC, and during the boot process, press the F12 key on the keyboard several times to enter the BIOS setup. The specific key may differ, so pay attention to any instructions displayed on the device's screen during startup.
  2.  Navigate to the 'Startup' section of the BIOS and make sure that CSM is Enabled.
  3.  Next, locate the 'Boot Priority' settings.
  4.  Make sure that UEFI First is activated.
  5.  Save the changes in BIOS and wait for the PC to reboot.