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CryptoWallet Clipper Malware

With crypto-currencies becoming more and more mainstream the hackers quickly began targeting this specific sector with specialized malware. For example, a relatively simple malware known as clipper could now cause devastating monetary losses to its victims. Clippers or clipboard hijackers are threatening programs designed to modify the data currently saved into the clipboard of the system.

Due to the fact that most crypto-wallet addresses are represented by lengthy strings of characters, users are likely to simply copy them to the clipboard, instead of manually typing out each symbol. The CryptoWallet clipper malware will inspect the saved data and substitute it with a new one, in this case, this would be the address of a crypto-wallet under the control of the cybercriminals. As a result, crypto-coin enthusiasts attempting to complete an outgoing transaction, will unknowingly paste in the wrong address and send theír funds to the hacker's wallet.

Naturally, the consequences could be extremely dire, if the intercepted transaction was supposed to involve a significant amount of money. Reversing an already completed transfer is close to impossible so victims have few options to mitigate their losses. It also is important to remember that the clipper function could be just one of the malware's intrusive capabilities. If you notice any suspicious behavior on your system, it is strongly recommended to immediately perform a scan for threats with a reputably anti-malware solution.