Conficker Worm Downloads Rogue Application Spyware Protect 2009

The latest on the activities of the Conficker Worm is the use of infected hosts to download additional software which includes the Spyware Protect 2009 rogue anti-spyware application.

Antivirus companies and security research firms are now reporting seeing Conficker infected systems being updated with the rogue application Spyware Protect 2009.

What is Spyware Protect 2009?

Spyware Protect 2009 is an application designed to use scare tactics through fake popup notifications, bogus scans and system alert messages in hopes to convince a computer user to purchase phony security software. The full Spyware Protect 2009 application is offered as a solution to the threats that it supposedly detects at a price of $49.95. This product is downloaded from a web server in Ukraine and has been one of the very applications that we recommend computer users to avoid.

What else have we learned about Conficker during this new discovery?

The Conficker.C variant, ever since April 1st, has been showing different unsuspected actions from contacting DNS controllers to dropping a dangerous payload. The latest action of Conficker, downloading the rogue anti-spyware program Spyware Protect 2009, has shocked many experts in the computer security field.

Conficker still remains to be a mystery to many experts especially knowing that not all Conficker-infected machines were updated with Spyware Protect 2009. It could be a lot more to Conficker Worm that we need to discover to fully understand its actions and predict its next moves. However, we do know that the latest Conficker update was a version of the Waledac family of spam Trojans. Conficker is coded to instruct a Waledac component to remove itself on or after the date of May 3, 2009.

Conficker Worm Solutions

If your system is infected with Conficker.C or any other variant of Conficker then you may not be able to navigate to many well-known security websites. However, you can remove Conficker and other Conficker Worm variants with our Free Conficker Removal Tool.

Conficker Worm is somewhat complex and may have several other components hidden within its coding waiting to be activated. The authors of Conficker are putting it to use and it is possible that we are just now witnessing the beginning of the destruction that Conficker will bring.

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