Computer Shuts Down Randomly

Losing precious hours of unsaved work or being stopped in the middle of an intense match in your favorite video game due to a random shutdown of your computer can be cause for severe frustration. What can users do to prevent such a situation from happening again?

If you are experiencing random shutdowns, the first step is to check your PSU (Power Supply Unit). Begin by making sure that the power cord is plugged in properly and it is in a satisfactory working condition without any breaks along its length. The next step is to test the PSU for malfunctions. If the random shutdowns are happening after you have upgraded several hardware components, make sure that the current PSU unit can support the new total power output needed by your computer system.

Another common cause for shutdowns is overheating. If the cooling system for a specific hardware component like the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or CPU (Central Processing Unit) is no longer functioning properly due to severe dust buildup or a structural failure, it may need to be replaced with a new one. To determine if there is overheating at all and which component is experiencing the problem, users can try to enter the BIOS or simply download a hardware monitoring program that will show detailed information about each component of the system.

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