Tutorials Cannot Download SpyHunter or Browse the Internet?

Cannot Download SpyHunter or Browse the Internet?

By Domesticus in Tutorials

If you're having issues like malware blocking the SpyHunter installer or 'Open With' box shows every time you try to run SpyHunter, simply click the alternate download link below:

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Malware Blocking Internet?

Try alternate download method: Download SpyHunter on an uninfected computer, transfer the SpyHunter installation file to a removable drive (i.e. USB flash drive, CD or DVD), and then load it on the computer that has the malware infection.

Are you experiencing any of the following malware symptoms on your computer?

  • Cannot access certain websites.
  • Cannot download/install any anti-virus/anti-spyware software.
  • Cannot open existing security software.
  • Cannot boot into Safe Mode.
  • Cannot open Task Manager, Command Prompt, and/or RegEdit.
  • Notice suspicious icons on the Desktop.
  • C: and D: drives have disappeared.
  • The password of the default administrator account has been changed.
  • When searching the Internet using Google, Bing, or Yahoo, search results are hijacked and redirected to random adware search results rather than the intended relevant results.
  • Security settings in the Internet Explorer web browser have been compromised and as a result pop-ups with fake alerts windows are displayed on the computer and the browser's default homepage points to an unknown website.
  • Certain administrator privileges from the default administrator account have been taken away.
  • Constantly redirected to 404 error pages on the web browser.
  • Repeated, frightening pop-up alerts that allege the computer is infected with spyware the on the Windows taskbar.

Some malware infections such as trojans, worms, and rootkits are known for blocking certain security related software and websites. Just like the Koobface and Conficker worm, malware can be designed to limit your ability to obtain software that can remove malicious files from the computer. Hackers purposely design their malware applications to perform these functions so they can roam free on your computer.

Does 'Open With' Dialog Box Appear Instead of SpyHunter?

Malware can use the 'Open With' function to prevent computers users from installing or opening any executable program including security software. Learn more how to deal with this problem.

If you have copied SpyHunter installation file to a removable drive but it cannot load onto your infected computer or you don't have a second computer readily available, try the following methods to fix your PC:

Use an Alternate Web Browser Application

You can try downloading SpyHunter by using an alternate web browser. Sometimes malware may only block a certain web browser application. Some of the recommended browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Start Windows in Safe Mode

Starting Windows in Safe Mode with Networking is also another way to evade any type of block that malware has put on your system.

Turn off DNS Caching

DNS caching is a method on your system for retrieving an IP address from a site when it is connected to the Internet. Malware can slow or limit DNS queries or processes such as the installation of certain applications. Here's how to turn off DNS Caching:

How to turn off DNS Caching in Windows XP

  1. Start menu > Run > type in cmd > click OK.
  2. Type net stop dnscache > press Enter.
  3. Type Exit after seeing the message "The DNS Client service was stopped successfully".

How to turn off DNS Caching in Windows Vista or Windows 7

  1. Start menu > type in cmd in the search box.
  2. Right-click on cmd and then click on "Run as administrator".
  3. Click Continue in the "User Account Control prompt".

Check for Hosts File Hijacking

Your Hosts file (file used to map hostnames to IP address) may have been altered by a malware infection. If this is the case, you may not be able to access certain websites or your browser could be instructed to redirect to malicious websites. Usually restoring your Hosts file back to its default configuration using Microsoft's automated tool will resolve this issue. Novice computer users who are unsure on editing Hosts file will find this tool helpful.

To find and make changes to the Hosts file, go to the Windows Folder path C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. If you do not see the Hosts file, select to show hidden files and folders by going to "Folder Options Control Panel" and uncheck "hide protected operating system files". To modify the Hosts file in Windows Vista or Windows 7, click "Start", click "All Programs", click "Accessories", right-click "Notepad", click "Run as administrator", open "hosts" file, and make the necessary changes.

Are you still having problems downloading SpyHunter, browsing the web or performing key functions on your computer? Post your experience here. If you're a SpyHunter customer, you can submit a customer support ticket via SpyHunter.


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Antonio Caldeira Reply

I am happy with this installation. Thanks!

Frankie A. Hawkins Reply

I had a none function pc and when I tried to use it was so bad that I couldn't even use it and all of a sudden spyhunter popped up and told me I had a bad malware "snap.do" and it was wrecking havoc on my computer, so I bought the enigma spyhunter-4 and reghunter to take charge of my problem, I installed it and within 35 minutes I couldn't get it off my pc so enigma took over my computer and within the next 15 seconds had it fixed and now my life is back and I'm in control now, I promise if you download ( the free version) you won't be long before you pay for the paid version because your limited by what you can do, I will say you will have a recurring subscription, but after I added up what aol computer premium checkup was costing me way more than enigma for both their programs. I can't say enough good about their programs and you won't believe how beautiful their programs look to the eye, they know what they are doing and it shows, I even bought another program I already had it and they give me a full refund within a week, just submit a help desk ticket and they responded with a fix right away and they kept at until the issue was fixed, I highly recommend this with all my heart and would be the first to tell you if I thought they were lame but as I said they have me hook line and sinker for life, don't even hesitate get it now you won't believe all the malware you will find on conclusion of running spyhunter-4, I had 3,006 problems it fixed all but the snap.do that steals a lot of your everyday pc use and when I start my pc I start out right with running the software before I start my day, I will close for now good luck with spy-4 and reghunter.

I have SpyHunter installed on my pc and it's great. Works very well. Customer service is also great. Question.... Do you have a android version of spyhunter? If not, when do you plan on releasing a version for the android market?

buenos dias.
pc con windows 7. vengo de hacer una instalacion tenia windos xp y pise instalacion con windows 7 creando carpeta con archivos windows old,
hace unos dias que veo que se a encriptado fotos con el troyano cryptorbit y realmente no se como solcionar este problema ya que e pasado varias veces el spyhunter y no a podido desencriptar los archivos.

necesito saber si hay solucion o no desde ya muchas gracias

Your SpyHunter software solved the problem. Many Kudos! My life is back in order.

I have a name WSE_Jamenize suspect file in pc and can not remove believe and dangerous virus.
How should I proceed?

very helpful, thank you.

I bought spyhunter a few weeks ago. I am satisfied with it's ability to detect spywares and malwares but I am having a problem with "luckysearch" wich comes back every time I open IE or Firefox. How can I fix the problem ? my operating system is windows 8.1

Thank you

I have tried for 2 days every cure you have suggested, however, I am still unable to remove the "ads by earnsale" which keeps popping up and freezing my computer. How can I get this ad popper removed from my computer.

Recently I received a Laptop in my business with the following features:
1. MSI-U100/windowsXp
2. Once the OS is up, it deletes what I write and I can not navigate through the file manager because it sends me always to the desktop. I can not work properly with the task-manager.
3. I disconnected the HD from the Laptop and erased it completely with app DBAN.
4. I tested BIOS booting with a USB live Linux. Surprise! The laptop made the same things like point 2.
5. I disconnected the battery from CMOS RAM during 1 hour, and reconnect it later.
6. I did a Flash to the BIOS with the last update obtained from the website of MSI and with help of FreeDOS.
7. The Laptop keeps making the same thing like point 2.
8. I've tried with different distributions of USB-Linux & CD-Linux, and what I observed is that the "thing which is inside BIOS" rises similar privileges like root or administrator, so in this way it owns the Laptop.
9. My great question: How can I clean the BIOS and all the stuff related to the boot process? In order to get a clean boot.
10. I can only access to the laptop through an USB-FreeDos.
11. With FreeDos I can edit text files and navigate through the file system without problem.
12. Do you know about some tools that run with FreeDOS and remove rootkits, bootkits, and rare things from my BIOS?
13. I would appreciate your sincere help.

For issues with the locked page warning and blasting computer alarm telling you to call tech support to remove the threat. Just turn down your volume, Change Browsers and download SypHunter or the alternative for PC's that have their system blocked. I called the tech support number shown on the page that popped up and its a service where they try to charge you to fix your pc remotely for no less than $150. I changed browsers and downloaded SpyHunter and Voila that error page with the alarm sounding went away fast. THANK YOU!

Thanks for the program

Gaspar Fabiao ZAVALA Reply

Your support is much appreciated. Regards.

Alexandre Garcia Reply

Um software de muito boa qualidade e de muita utilidade para os utentes finais.

I have many file infected with the extension .micro. How can I restore these files?

a family member used my computer and downloaded a lot of music and other stuff she wanted for her computer, unknown to her she got some virus as well. My computer did not want to run without problems
after she left and wend back to England. For example, each time the mouse run over a headline in the newspaper it opens a advertising page ind a diff window, or adds of all sort would spring up and so on.
After installing Spyhunter and run the program several times, this mater stopped. I was back to square 1 . Now Spyhunter is running regular and I have no problem of that kind any more.
I love the programm

Roland Chrisjohn Reply

Thank you for the work-around provided. My computer has indeed been running suspiciously for the past few day, and spyhunder and reghunter were gone this morning (but back up and running now). It seems I'm missing some important .dll's and some of my software isn't running... if this is tracked to malwarbites, I hope you kick their asses properly. I need my computer for important work, and I don't need the issue of someone I've trusted to help keep me safe (malwarbites) actually interfering with its smooth operation.

I am a Korean Veteran Disabled... I am on S.S. and I can't afford addition payments. Thank you for trying to help me. I just guess that it may be time to give up and stop using computers.
My God continue to bless your company...