Businesses Continue to Struggle With Social Network Security

security risk using facebook at work Has your boss ever come up to you and asked you to discontinue the use of Facebook or Twitter? Did you ever think that his reasoning behind that was not just to get you back to work but to protect the business network from being attacked by an unwanted parasite or hacker? Businesses are attempting to figure out if social networking really is a bad thing for them in regards to security and productivity.

Businesses usually want their employees to be happy and productive at the same time. Then there is the balance of business benefits against risks considering the different world of social networking (Facebook and Twitter) and the negatives and positives that it presents in certain work environments. If you use the internet at work do you practice steps to avoid getting malware on your system from use of a social network?

Let's face it, there is a totally new work-force generation from that of a decade ago. Computer network security and social network security has become a major part of running a business if you utilize computers connected to the internet. One of the prime reasons for a business banning use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is the productivity factor. Basically, a business thinks that spending time on Facebook and Twitter will result in lower productivity. The matter of social network security has been put on the back burner in some cases as to a reason that companies ban use of Facebook and Twitter.

Security analysts have found that the use of social networks can be beneficial and at the same time potentially damaging when it comes to security. Considering the numerous attacks on Facebook through computer worms and the various Twitter phishing scams that have grown to unprecedented numbers in the last couple years, it is no wonder that the majority of businesses do not ban use of these networks altogether. You may ask, why don't they ban access? It comes down to the fact that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are part of a company's business. Some use the social outlets for marketing or communication.

Does the company that you work limits usage of Facebook and Twitter? Are you allowed to access the internet as long as you do not use any social networks at work? Share your story with us by commenting in below.

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