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Antivir64, XP-Guard, Infostealer.Onlinegame, more - SpyHunter Update v.9.12

By GoldSparrow in Database Updates

SpyHunter Spyware Definitions Update: v.9.12 (08/25/2008)
SpyHunter Latest Program Update: v.3.5.11


Antivir64 or Antivir 64, is a rogue anti-spyware program and clone of Power Antivirus 2009 and Antispyware2008. Antivir64 may have been installed by a Trojan (Zlob, Vundo or Downloader) found on fake video codec downloads. Once the Trojan is installed, it may generate imaginary system notifications stating that the user's computer is infected... more

MS Antivirus 2008

MS Antivirus 2008 is a rogue anti-spyware program that comes from the same family as other rogue programs such as Windows Antivirus 2008, Antivirus 2008, System Antivirus 2008, Vista Antivirus 2008 and other clones. While MS Antivirus 2008 may look like it is a worth-while program for spyware removal, we have discovered that it is not. The user... more

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