YouTube Videos Not Playing

YouTube is a juggernaut in the entertainment industry and has managed to become an inseparable part of the daily routine of hundreds of millions of people around the world. However, sometimes issues may crop up preventing the videos on the website from running properly. To troubleshoot potential fixes for the problem, explore the suggestions outlined below. 

First, start by checking if YouTube itself is not experiencing some interference. Try to open other websites containing video clips and see if everything works fine there or type 'youtube down' in Google and look through the generated results. 

Another option is to clear the cache files and delete cookies from your browser. Cache files are small files that facilitate the faster opening and operation of visited websites. YouTube pushes changed to its cache files but sometimes the process can fail, leading to problems. The exact process depends on the Web browser but usually, you can find the 'Clear cache' or 'Clear browsing history' option under the 'Preferences' tab of the 'Settings' menu. Then, restart the browser, open YouTube, and try to launch a video. 

The presence of an Ad-Blocker program also could sometimes interfere with YouTube. Try to disable your Ad-Blocker temporarily and check if it has had a positive effect on the clip you are trying to watch. 

Finally, make sure that you are using the latest available version of your browser, as well as the driver package for your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). If any newer versions have been released, install them, restart your computer and try to start a YouTube clip.