Issue What Is dllhost.exe?

What Is dllhost.exe?

Many Windows users might be wondering what is this mysterious process named 'dllhost.exe' and its equally enigmatic description of 'COM Surrogate.' Should they be worried that the process is always running in the background? Is it a legitimate part of Windows or should action be taken to stop it?

Fortunately, 'dllhost.exe' is perfectly legitimate. It is created by Microsoft and has been packaged with every Windows version. The process is responsible for several different tasks, some of which have critical importance for the system. It is a service required for the proper functioning of any COM+ oriented programming code. To see an in-depth picture of the processes related to 'dllhost.exe,' you can use Process Monitor.

As for COM+, it stands for Component Object Model and is necessary for the proper configuration and tracking of COM+-based components. A better explanation would be to list its primary functions such as running an event registry, enhancing security, creating service request queues and triggering process handles. It also is an indispensable part of the deployment process of enterprise-level apps that should be delivered to an entire network. 

However, keep in mind that some malware threats might try to disguise themselves as the 'dllhost.exe' process. The proper location of the process is under C:\Windows\System32\ and its name should be 'dllhost.exe.' Any deviations such as finding a similarly-named file but with a different extension - '.dll,' '.com,' etc., could be a sign of suspicious activity. Run a thorough scan of the system with a professional anti-malware product and see what items will be detected.