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We No Longer Provide Support or Updates for the SpyHunter v.1 Series

By CagedTech in Announcements

The producers of adware and spyware have increased their technology, making their software substantially more difficult to remove. Due to the complexity of new adware and spyware, the challenge of removing these parasites has also become more costly. Because of this, SpyHunter 1 has become obsolete.

As of March 10th 2005, we no longer provide support or updates for the SpyHunter v.1 series. All customers of Enigma that have purchased any of the SpyHunter v.1 series will be given a free fully functioning version of SpyHunter v.2.0 with a license that will be valid until June 10th 2005.

SpyHunter v.2 is an entirely new product which utilizes the latest technology to deal with today's threats. In addition to enhanced technology to remove these threats, SpyHunter v.2 contains an interactive support system where our technicians can easily look directly at your machine and fix your specific adware and spyware problems. Purchase of SpyHunter v.2 also includes product updates of new software modules to combat future threats.