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Symantec Responds to Enigma Software Group's Cease and Desist Letter

By CagedTech in Announcements

STAMFORD, Conn., May 2, 2007 –Enigma Software Group, Inc. (OTCBB:ENGM) received notice today that Symantec Corporation has ceased detection of SpyHunter by Symantec's products. In a letter from corporate counsel, Symantec explained that its analysts reviewed SpyHunter "and determined that it did not meet our detection criteria." At this point, Enigma has no further comments on legal action against Symantec. Symantec's written response is available at this link:

Symantec's Response

Recently, Enigma has engaged the Internet security community in an open discussion that included a group of several smaller competitors. The discussions were positive, and many people, especially Eric Howes, offered constructive suggestions. As a result, Enigma will make some changes to their marketing, such as: offering a fully functioning free trial of SpyHunter 3.0, and stricter enforcement of rules of Affiliate Program.

While many positive developments came out of the discussion, Enigma continues to believe that its legal rights were violated by an organized group of competitors who were engaging in anticompetitive behavior. Enigma is continuing to evaluate its legal options with regards to this group.

Enigma will vigorously defend its position against any competitor, or group of competitors that falsely designate Enigma Software Group's SpyHunter product as a security threat.