Product Releases SpyHunter Version 2.0 Released

SpyHunter Version 2.0 Released

By ZulaZuza in Product Releases

We have released version 2.0 of the SpyHunter Remover to the public!

SpyHunter v.2.0 is an entirely new product which utilizes the latest technology to deal with today's threats. In addition to enhanced technology to remove these threats, SpyHunter v.2.0 contains an interactive support system where our technicians can easily look directly at your machine and fix your specific adware and spyware problems.

If you are an existing customer, you have received an email explaining how to download and install the upgrade.

If you HAVE NOT received instructions from us, please login to our support section, and supply us with your email address to request instructions for the upgrade.

The following changes have been made since the previous commercial release of SpyHunter (v.1.5.81):

New Features on SpyHunter v.2.0:

  • Added Program Update Alert Feature
  • Added Definition Update Alert Feature
  • Added Super Fast Registry Scan
  • Added Support Log System
  • Added Easy Access Feature to our Ticketing System for Technical Support Responses
  • Added Exclusion List for softwares you wish to Keep on your computer
  • Added Quick Scan
  • Added MD5 Scan for special parasites that keep changing their file names
  • Added Hard Drive Selection

The new version of SpyHunter also includes product updates of new software modules to combat future threats.