Start an ESG Remote Support Session


The ESG Remote Support application is a stress-free, secure remote desktop sharing tool that allows our technicians to connect directly to your PC, in a matter of seconds, to diagnose and resolve your computer problems. The ESG Remote Support tool is powered by TeamViewer. Best of all, you can sit back, relax, and watch your screen as a technician remotely repairs your computer. At any time, you can disconnect the technician by clicking Cancel or closing the ESG Remote Support window. Once the session has been closed, the technician will not have any further access to your computer.

To create a new ESG Remote Viewer Session

  1. Download ESG Remote Support tool from the link below:


  2. Open the ESG Remote Support tool. A new window will appear like the one shown below:
    ESG Remote Support Screenshot
  3. Provide us with the ID and Password displayed in the window. Then one of our highly trained technicians will take it from here.
    Note: Your ID will be a 9 digit number and your password will be a 4 digit number.
  4. To close the remote session, close the ESG Remote Support window or click "Cancel" button.

Note for Windows Vista and 7 users: If you have User Access Control (UAC) enabled in your Windows system, you might get one or both of the warnings below.

  1. If you get a Security Warning window, please click "Run".
    Run ESG Remote Support
  2. If you get a User Access Control Window, please click "Yes".
    Click Yes to Download ESG Remote Support
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