Issue 'Managed by your organization' Chrome Fix

'Managed by your organization' Chrome Fix

The 'Managed by your organization' is a handy Google Chrome feature that allows organizations to manage certain settings and permissions on the browsers used by their employees. In practice, the administrators of the organization to manage the installation of extensions, block access to specific websites, set the homepage address, enable or disable Chrome's 'Print' functionality, etc. While the 'Managed by your organization' feature is quite convenient in the right circumstances, problems arise when hijacked by applications called browser hijackers to serve their agenda.

Browser hijackers are created with the singular purpose of promoting a specific address, in most cases, a fake search engine. They are designed to take over certain browser settings such as the homepage address, new page tab and the default search engine. When an affected browser is simply started, a new tab is opened, or a search query is conducted. It will immediately result in artificial traffic being generated towards the promoted address. It can be easily why some browser hijackers would want to co-opt the 'Managed by your organization' feature. It should be noted that nearly all browser hijackers also have a certain degree of data-collecting capabilities. Most log the user's browsing and search history, clicked URLs, IP address, geolocation, and ISP, but some dig far deeper and try to access sensitive information such as credit and banking details.

Individual users whose browser is showing the 'Managed by your organization' sign, or ones that do not recognize the supposed organization imposing the feature, should run a scan with a reputable anti-malware solution for potential browser hijacker applications lurking on their device.