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Malware Security Alerts Weekly Report for April 5 - April 11, 2020

This week, the SpyHunter malware research team has highlighted a weekly roundup of common and critical malware threats that are currently affecting computers around the world. Take a look at this week's report and stay ahead of trending malware threats!

Malware Security Alerts of the Week



The 'PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM APPLE' alerts are pop-ups, which can be extremely frustrating to deal with. Some users report that they have had to close their entire Web browser, as they could not rid themselves of the 'PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM APPLE' pop-ups otherwise. Read more

Chrome search contest 2020 Scam Screenshot

'Chrome search contest 2020' Scam

One of the many schemes online that is leveraging the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic is known as the 'Chrome search contest 2020' scam. The 'Chrome search contest 2020' scam would claim that the user has executed the '5-billionth search,' which means that they will win a high-value prize. To trick users into believing that this giveaway is legitimate, scammers may throw in enticements and appear to be more information on COVID-19 through search results. Read more

BlackNET RAT Screenshot


IN an attempting to take advantage of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has gripped the globe, cybercrooks are leveraging threats like BlackNET RAT, which is a dangerous remote access tool that targets PCs. The shady individuals behind BlackNET RAT are trying to benefit from people’s fear by offering to provide them with various tools and services that supposedly help them during these testing times, which ends up loading the BlackNET RAT threat onto systems and giving remote hackers access to the infected machine. Read more

IDP.ALEXA.51 Screenshot


Anti-malware solutions may display a detection name known as IDP.ALEXA.51. This is a generic detection name used by various different cybersecurity companies. According to reports, the detection of IDP.ALEXA.51 does not always mean that there is a threat or a suspicious activity present on your system. Read more Screenshot

The is a dodgy website, whose only goal is to hijack the Web browser notifications of its visitors. This is known as the ‘Please Press Allow to Continue’ online tactic. The website is affiliated with another fake website that partakes in the same low-level online tactic – '' Read more

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