Is Stream2watch Safe?

The Stream2watch website tries to attract visitors by offering them the ability to watch live sports events for free. While this can be viewed as a great service for sports fans, it should be noted that the available events are most likely streamed illicitly. In this case, users will have to consider their specific national laws, as under some jurisdictions watching such events through illegitimate sources could be a prosecutable offense. 

Setting aside the legal and moral nature of watching copyrighted content for free, users also have to worry about the advertisements delivered by Stream2watch. The site uses a rogue advertising network, which means that its visitors may be shown deceptive advertising materials. The advertisements may employ various clickbait tactics to trick the users into engaging with them. Afterward, they may open untrustworthy pages running online tactics, phishing schemes or other suspicious activities. Users also may be shown offers to download and install PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

In general, PUPs are intrusive applications designed to monetize their presence on the user's computer or device by running an unwanted ad campaign, taking over the installed browser to promote a sponsored address or both. Furthermore, PUPs are known for spying on the users browsing activities and transmitting the gathered data to its operators. 

In the end, it is up to each user to decide whether visiting the Stream2watch website and using its services is worth the potential risks.