Is KMSAuto Net Safe?

KMSAuto Net is a popular activator for Microsoft products. In short, people use this tool to circumnavigate legitimate activation methods, avoid paying any money to Microsoft, yet still enjoy full access to all features offered by the activated or unlocked product, such as Windows or Office. So, on its own, KMSAuto Net may be considered to offer illicit services. However, it doesn't pose any danger to your computer.

Do not relax just yet, though. The broad popularity of KMSAuto NEt among people seeking access to MS products has made it a preferred target for the distribution of malware threats. The hackers can package and hide fully-fledged Trojans that are delivered to the user's system alongside the activator tool.

Trojans are extremely threatening because they could be equipped with a large array of harmful functionalities. From running keyloggers that capture every keyboard button press and mouse click to data-collecting routines that harvest sensitive private data. Trojans can also establish backdoor access to the system, giving the threat actor the ability to run remote commands, steal files, or deliver additional payloads on the compromised system depending on their particular goals.

If possible, users should avoid installing hack tools and activators, such as KMSAuto Net. While in the majority of cases they may be clean, you never know when a nasty surprise will rear its ugly head and start wreaking havoc on your computer.