Issue Is FMovies Safe?

Is FMovies Safe?

Streaming has become a massive industry and quite a lot of websites have tried to attract visitors by offering access to thousands of movies or series for free. FMovies is exactly such a page, which has been operating for a couple of years now. Of course, with any service that is supposedly being provided for free, users should expect a catch. So is streaming movies on FMovies safe?

First, let's tackle the legality of the provided content. Streaming rights differ from country to country. However, FMovies has already been on the receiving end of several judgments in the US for trademark and copyright infringement, as well as false advertising. These legal proceedings have forced FMovies to change its domain several times already. So, it may be safe to say that in most countries, streaming content through this site could be illicit. But does FMovies pose a danger to your computer?

If we are talking about the site itself, then you are probably safe. However, unfortunately, FMovies appears to be generating monetary gains through a rogue advertising network. As a result, visitors are often presented with questionable or outright unsafe advertisements. For example, a page could be opened in your browser stating that your Adobe Flash Player is out of date and you should click on the link to download the latest version. This is a common tactic that is often employed to distribute dubious adware, browser hijackers, other PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), or even serious malware threats.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether using FMovies is worth the risks.