Is 4Anime Safe?

In the past decade, anime has turned from a niche past in the west to a global industry with an audience of hundreds of millions. As a result, several streaming sites that have acquired the official rights to show certain anime titles s have been established. However, the different platforms offer different anime series and fans oftentimes find themselves forced to pay for multiple subscriptions to watch all the shows they are interested in. This has given rise to numerous illicit streaming sites. 4Anime is such a place exactly. 

Setting aside the moral ambiguity of accessing licensed content via a site that streams it illicitly, 4Anime's visitors have more things to worry about. The site relies on a dubious advertising network as one of its income sources. In practice, this means that visitors can be subjected to dubious and deceptive advertisements, as well as other questionable content. Users can land on various online tactics trying to scare them with non-existent malware threats, fake surveys and giveaways, potential phishing pages and more. 

Under the mounting legal pressure from the official license holders for the streamed anime series in the West, 4Anime was forced to shut down its operation completely. Usually, this is not a big deterrent for the operators of such sites, and as could have been expected numerous alternatives have cropped up to fill the vacuum. Visiting these new and unproven sites can turn out to be an even riskier prospect. If you are determined to stream anime illicitly, make sure that you at least have a professional anti-malware solution installed to protect your system.