How To Uninstall MPlayerX

MPlayerX is not a native macOS application. However, many users find useful the additional functionality it provides. However, when it comes time to remove it, things may get tricky. The application creates service and support files in several locations on the Mac that may be left there even after the main app has been removed from the device. To make sure that MPlayerX has been deleted completely follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Stop the Application

The first step is to make sure that MPlayerX and all of its processes are stopped. For this, we will need to open Activity Monitor. You can find this helpful tool in the Launchpad's Utilities folder. Once Activity Monitor is running, select 'All Processes' from the corresponding drop-down menu. Then locate all processes related to MPlayerX, select them, and click on the 'Quit Process' icon. If that doesn't work, try closing the processes via 'Force Quit.'

  1. Drag the Application to the Trash

Now, let's uninstall the application itself. Go to your 'Applications' folder in Finder and locate MPlayerX. Select the application and drag it to the Trash. Alternatively, you can start the uninstallation process by selecting MPlayerX and pressing Command + Delete on your keyboard.

  1. Remove Any Residual Files

Logs, caches, and other various support files related to MPlayerX could still be present on the Mac. To get rid of them open Finder and select the 'Go' menu. Choose 'Go to Folder' and type ~/Library. Press 'Go' to open the location. Now, look for any files associated with MPlayerX. We recommend checking the following folders:


~/Library/Application Support/ 


If you find such files, move them to the Trash. 

Unfortunately, we are not done yet. Follow the same instruction but this time go to the Library folder. Here, check the following location and remove any files related to MPlayerX:


/Library/Application Support/


  1. All that is left now is to empty the trash and MPlayerX will be removed without leaving any traces on your Mac.