How to Uninstall Hola VPN

VPNs (Virtual Private Network) applications are extremely useful tools that can allow users to hide their true location from prying eyes or to access websites that have been restricted in their current location. Hola VPN, however, has several additional functionalities that turn it into a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). The application can take control over certain browser settings and cause undesired redirects or display intrusive ads. The process of removing Hola VPN depends on both your operating system and the specific Web browser.

On macOS, users can try and remove Hola VPN by launching Finder from the Dock and going to their Applications folder. Navigate to Hola VPN's entry or sort the listed apps by date and look for any suspicious entries. Move them to the Trash by either manually dragging them there or use right-click and then 'Move to Trash' from the available options.

Another method is to remove the Hola VPN from the cache. Start by opening Finder and going to your home/user folder. Select either the Finder/View/Show View options. When the new window opens, check 'Show Library Folder.' This will make the otherwise hidden Library folder visible to the user. Go to Library/Caches/ and move it to the trash.

In some cases, Hola VPN may have created an entry into the Group Policy of the user's macOS device. To remove it, open 'System Preferences.' Open 'Profiles' located at the bottom of the window. Pick 'AdminPrefs' profile, then click the '-' icon and enter your password.

To delete Hola VPN from your browser extensions, follow the appropriate steps:

For Safari:

  • Open 'Preferences' from the Safari menu
  • Go to 'Extensions.'
  • Navigate to Hola VPN or look for other suspicious extensions.
  • Click the 'Uninstall' button for each one.

For Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Press Alt + F on your keyboard.
  • Select 'Tools.'
  • Go to 'Extensions.'
  • Find for Hola VPN.
  • Click on the trash can icon to remove it.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Firefox.
  • Press Shift + Ctrl + A on your keyboard.
  • Select Hola VPN.
  • Choose either the 'Disable' or 'Remove' option.