Issue How to Uninstall Drivers on Mac

How to Uninstall Drivers on Mac

Although Mac systems are far less reliant on third-party drivers to operate, various issues can still occur with old and outdated drivers that often cause compatibility problems, especially. Users should, to the best of their ability, always install the most current driver version for the device or software they are using. At the same time, they should make sure that any older driver versions are removed from the system completely. 

One way of locating installed drivers is to open Finder and type the name of the device in the search bar. If any results are returned, they are most likely drivers even though they may resemble applications. 

In most cases, however, the driver files are too small to be recognized as an application. To navigate and remove them manually, users will have to access the ~/Library/ folder on their Macs. Open Finder once more but this time select the 'Go' menu followed by 'Go to Folder.' In the new window, type ~/Library/ and click on 'Go.' Once inside the folder, open each of the following locations and remove the driver files:

~/Library/Application Support/





Some drivers also can be located in the normal Library folder. Access it through Finder and search for files with names similar to the driver you want to remove. Drag such files to the Trash. Now, click on the Spotlight icon in the menu bar. Type the name of the driver that is to be uninstalled and press Return on your keyboard. Drag any results that appear to the Trash as well. As a final step, empty the Trash. 

Keep in mind that deleting drivers manually is not without risks so make sure that you do not remove any additional files accidentally.