How To Switch the Language on Your Mac

In our increasingly interconnected world, more and more people decide to dedicate the necessary time and effort to learn a second or even a third language. As such, users may need a quick and convenient way to switch between different languages on their Macs, as sometimes they may need to carry simultaneous communication with people from different countries. Alternatively, some Mac users may have their devices set to use a language different from their native one and may be wondering how to change it. 

Adding a New Keyboard Language

  1. Select the Apple menu and choose 'System Preferences.'
  2. Go to the 'Keyboard' pane and pick the 'Input Sources' tab.
  3. Look at the currently available languages. If you do not find the one you need, click the '+' button and select the specific language from the menu. The on-screen keyboard in the window should change to match your current selection.
  4. Press the 'Add' button.
  5. Now, select the language from the sidebar and make sure that 'Show Input Sources' is enabled. Check its corresponding box, if you have to.
  6. Quit 'System Preferences.'
  7. To select or switch between languages click on the menu bar item and pick the one you need. 

Changing the System Language

  1. Open the Apple menu and choose 'System Preferences.'
  2. Go to the 'Language & Region' pane.
  3. Select 'General.'
  4. If the language you need is not present in the Preferred languages list, click on the '+' button, select the language you need, and press 'Add.'
  5. Quit 'System Preferences.'

Keep in mind that some languages may not be fully supported by the macOS itself. However, it could be supported by the applications or websites you use. You can see which languages are fully supported when changing the system language.