Issue How to Reduce Battery Usage on Mac

How to Reduce Battery Usage on Mac

There are few things scarier than watching your laptop's battery drain while you are doing an important project and have no convenient way to charge the device. To help you reduce the strain on your Mac's battery, there are several quick-and-easy tips that you can follow.

Start by unplugging any unnecessary USB devices. Such devices may continue to draw power from your Mac even when it's asleep. The same is also valid for any Bluetooth devices connected to the laptop. Even though there is a setting that allows you to wake the mouse or keyboard with a button tap that still means that Bluetooth is active even when the Mac is in sleep mode. So, to reduce memory drain, go to 'System Preferences,' click on 'Bluetooth,' select 'Advanced,' and uncheck the 'Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer' option.

Another strain on the battery could be unnecessary processes running in the background. Such culprits are often initiated by Launch items, even if the Mac is in sleep mode. To look for and turn off the sneaky login items, start by going to 'System Preferences.' Open the 'User & Groups' tab, and click on your account. Select the 'Login Items' tab. Look through the displayed list and remove the selected items by clicking on the 'minus' ( - ) sign below.

Turning off the Power Nap macOS feature could also alleviate the drain on the device's battery. Power Nap allows your MacBook to check for new emails, Calendar, and other iCloud updates which requires a constant connection to iCloud … and battery power continuously. Start by going to the Apple menu and choosing 'System Preferences.' Open 'Energy Saver' and uncheck the 'Enable Power Nap while on battery power' option.