Issue FlexiSPY


FlexiSPY advertises itself as the most powerful monitoring software out there. The application can be used to establish full control over a mobile device or a computer. Furthermore, FlexiSPY is available for all major platforms including Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows. Despite many of its features also being found in spyware and other unsafe programs, FlexiSPY is a legitimate application and is not being classified as malware. However, the only truly legal ways to use the application are if it is installed to monitor your own computer/phone or if the owner of the device has been notified about the presence of FlexiSPY and its capabilities. Any other scenario violates the U.S. Wiretap Act that forbids surreptitious spying on another person's communication without getting their permission beforehand. Of course, this is valid only for the U.S. as the laws in other countries may vary significantly. 

On its official website, FlexiSPY claims that it can establish near-complete control over the device it is installed on. The application can listen and record live calls, as well as VoIP conversations made through applications such as Skype, LINE and others. FlexiSPY can access and read messages from numerous chat applications including Facebook Messenger, LINE, etc, while also intercepting any webmail or SMS communications. 

To remain hidden on the device, FlexiSPY doesn't have an application icon displayed in the device's interface. Later versions of the application also are capable of masking their presence and not appear in the application manager of the phone where typically all software is listed and available for removal. To access the user interface of the application, a special code must be entered into the phone number field. 

If you are trying to remove FlexiSPY from your device completely, then you may have to delete several files manually. Indeed, even if the application itself has been uninstalled, some residual files could still be left behind. Check the following locations and then delete the files associated with FlexiSpy: