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Enigma Software Group Responds to Symantec Corporation Listing SpyHunter as a Security Risk, and to Other Competitors

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STAMFORD, Conn., April 25, 2007 -- Today Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) started to list Enigma Software Group's (OTCBB:ENGM) SpyHunter software product in their "Norton 360", and "Norton SystemWorks" Security products as a security threat. Symantec falsely listed the product as a Security Risk, with a severe threat rating of 3. This precipitous and ill-considered action by Symantec is causing Enigma Software Group significant damages.

In response to Symantec's erroneous action, Enigma sent Symantec a Cease and Desist letter. A copy of the letter can be found at the following link SYMANTEC CEASE AND DESIST. Enigma intends to follow through with swift legal action. SpyHunter is not a security threat, and Enigma intends to defend it's position vigorously against any business that seeks to use this erroneous designation as part of a strategy to undermine competition. Contrary to Symantec’s listing, SpyHunter helps consumers protect their computers against unwanted spyware and malware.

In 2004, Enigma Software was labeled as a security threat by their competitor Lavasoft. In response to this listing, as well as to an orchestrated campaign of false statements posted on Lavasoft's website forum, Enigma filed a complaint in New York Federal Court. A copy of the complaint can be found at the following link: LAVASOFT COMPLAINT. That case ended in a settlement, and Lavasoft is no longer listing Enigma Software Group's products.

In addition to Symantec, other competitors of Enigma, including,,, and, have been coordinating a campaign to have SpyHunter listed as rogue software. Each of these entities is a competitor of Enigma Software Group that either has competing products or is an affiliate of competing products. Enigma is evaluating closely its legal options with respect to this anticompetitive campaign.

Enigma wishes to engage the Internet security community at large in a neutral open discussion at a neutral forum. Executives and employees of Enigma agree to discuss technical details of Enigma’s software product SpyHunter. Enigma invites security experts such as Susan Turner, Ben Edelman, Eric Howes, and other security experts to discuss SpyHunter. Enigma requests that there be no anonymous posts permitted in this discussion thread, to help ensure it will not be subverted by those who would post comments for anticompetitive purposes. Accordingly, Enigma requests that participants in this forum thread should provide their name, address, and phone number.

For a better understanding of Enigma's business, the reader is urged to review the Company's public filings, which are available online at

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